Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Beauty All Around ♥

We live in a pretty partially wooded area. One of our neighbors told me it's a pretty time of the year to move into this neighborhood. I couldn't agree more.

The azaleas are now finished and last week the rhododendrons started to bloom. Oh my, how beautiful!!

These are in front of the living room windows.

At the side of the house

Another view from the front porch.

These are hydrangeas.
I was told they usually bloom from the stalk
but with our harsh winter, the stalks died.
Thank goodness they are hardy enough to not be totally gone.
But, they won't bloom this year.
Really, I'm just so thankful to have them.

Yesterday I worked at the old house. We are having a yard sale there on Saturday. My first yard sale ever! So much to do to get ready.........would have been easier to give it all away.

The rest of the family worked here at the new house. Dale worked at putting up ceiling tile in our area in the basement. Corey hung some pictures. Christy and I tried to make decisions about where to hang more pictures after I got back home. We tried moving some furniture in different spots in the living room to see where we liked the placement best. We have another old piece that we want to refinish which will go in that room...actually there are two old pieces that we'd like to refinish, not sure both will go in that room though. Anyway, we just can't seem to figure it out, ugh. We need a designer...wait, I have a very talented nephew who is a designer =). Too bad he is very busy in DC....and sometimes around the world!

Our challenging room - 

Looking from the foyer.

Looking from the dining room.

That couch is very heavy so we need to place it where it will stay. It won't be staying in that spot. We tried, we don't like. I'm sure we will figure it out someday!

Besides the yard sale, I'm working on a baby shower for our daughter, Greta, in June. And our grand, Aidan, has a birthday June 7 and there will be parties for that. Our real estate agent is planning a housewarming for us also in June. We hope to settle on our old property the end of June...that means the house must be empty and clean by then. Whew, June will be a crazy month!!

Time to make dinner again.....my days go so very fast. Bless you today!


Jean Stauffer said...

I'm so glad I got to see your house in person on Sunday. It's so much easier now to picture everything. I'm still gaga over EVERYTHING!!!!

By the way, your shampoo and body wash that you left in my shower last weekend did make it to your house on Sunday. Except they did not make it out of my car. Because I forgot. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

It is always fun to find beautiful flowers/bushes planted by others. It is like a gift!

Your home is pretty and the views out the windows are gorgeous. It takes a while to get the furniture placement like you enjoy it - just take your time!

Best wishes with all that is happening in June!

White Lace and Promises said...

Wow~ What beautiful landscaping. Can't imagine that! So, so pretty. Such great space and a great home. You will get it the way you want it soon. Take your time and don't get overwhelmed. That's easy for me to say, I haven't moved in 27 years. I get rid of junk and have yard sales quite often. It's fun! Enjoy your busy June.

Theresa said...

Gorgeous blooms! Looks like home to me:) It is nice to have a big room to place the furniture in different places! Mine had a spot that it had to be in and that is where it still is! Enjoy your day dear friend, BIG HUGS!


How fun to discover flowers in your new home. I love arranging furniture. I would move the pieces closer together.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

It is so wonderful o see these photos inside and out of your new place, Doris. Food lick on the upcoming yard sale. We have been thinking about one, but not quite gotten around to organizing ourselves as we are having some exterior maintenance done on our home now. Still no prospective buyer, but maintenance is needed on an old home. So many happy events upcoming for you and your family...