Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sister Time

As promised, here are more pictures from time spent with two of the six sisters  =)

After spending a long time shopping at an awesome consignment store,
we walked through the conservatory again this year.
Much cooler weather than last year
but still a wonderful place to be!

I loved this planter.
Took a pic so I can remember to 
do something like it in my 
big blue pots next Spring!

Tulips were still beautiful
although they are at the end of the growing season.

Mary Ellen captures them with her camera.

Loved these!!
Want some!

We had clouds, sun, drizzle...
How nice of the sun to come out as we approached this reflecting pool.

Love the chairs!

Walking the path to the 'boardwalk' 
where we sat on the benches and
talked and talked and talked.
The sun warmed us while we stayed.

Blue skies!

After that we headed to the Creamery.
It's a very famous Penn State stop.
My first time there.

Oh, the servings were 
SO big....
and SO delicious!!

From there we headed to a mall where we shopped at Macy's. 
We don't have a local Macy's
so this is a treat for Mary Ellen and me.
Yes, I found some clothes that I love =)

Back to Jeanie's house again.
She made us a delicious soup.

We relaxed...

Jeanie read some funny stories from her humor file....

and we watched a movie.
We didn't mind Jeanie's hubby joining us =)

Sunday morning came fast.
We were up late, of course!

Coffee on the sunny little patio
just like we did last year.

We enjoyed a wonderful church service
where Jeanie is the worship leader.

We have more coffee before the service begins!

After church Jeanie and I soak up some rays 
before going for lunch.

Jeanie's adorable Grandson, Austin, and

...his adorable parents
joined us for lunch.

Their pastor and her mother also joined us.
How nice!

The meal was delicious.

All too soon it was time to head back home to Lancaster again.
Another wonderful Sister Time in my memory forever ♥


White Lace and Promises said...

So happy you had this time together. Mama always had tulips when I was growing up, not so much after they moved to the lake. They sure are beautiful while they last.

Karen said...

You really got some great pics!! I know you had tons of fun!

Anonymous said...

Looking at the pictures brings back many great memories of our time together.

Theresa said...

What a fun time! I know you girls enjoyed your time together, lots of hugs and giggles! My favorite picture is the reflecting pool, GORGEOUS! Have a blessed day dear Doris, sending hugs your way!