Monday, June 2, 2014

My Monday

Monday can be a good day. This one surely was!

Zoe and I were partners today. I decided it's time (past time) to get flowers to plant. We went to Landisville Greenhouse which is very close to our new home. It's down a long gravel lane which led to a neat farm house, barn, and gardens. I was surprised when a young Amish girl came from the house as I parked....I didn't know this was an Amish business. Zoe and I had a great time looking and looking. I chose a few pots that said they were for shady areas....something we have a lot of here! The mother of the girl came out to the greenhouse as I was finishing up and she said I made good choices. When I went to pay for my purchases, they needed cash or check. No cards accepted. Oops.....I didn't have enough cash and I wrote my last check on Friday and hadn't replaced a new pack. Back home we went to get the check. Oh well, it was nice it wasn't too far to go!

We'll start with these. 
Zoe really wanted the sunflowers.
Pop Pop will have to figure out where to plant them...
I do have an idea as well.

It was such a nice day today. Aidan and Zoe had fun outside while I made dinner.

Zoe gets ready for horseback riding  =)

Aidan had been riding his bike but stopped before I could get a picture.

They play UNO 
but Zoe has to draw a picture of Aidan while playing.
Too cute!

Dinner was Beef Taco Pasta, Biscuits or Cornbread. (I had leftover rice casserole)

Aidan loved this meal and was so proud of himself
for eating every bite!
He wanted me to send a picture to his parents ♥
How sweet!

After dinner I did this.....

Yes I did!
My favorite spot ♥
It was awesome.


The yard sale on Saturday went good.
 Of course we didn't sell everything. We didn't make tons of money.
That wasn't the point of this sale!
It was good to see people be thrilled with the bargains they went home with.
We were thrilled to let them go home with our excess =)


Blessings to you!


Anonymous said...

Lots of fun photos. I love your flower choices. Zoe will enjoy watching her flowers grow!

Theresa said...

Oh getting some flowers planted is a good feeling! Love seeing those sweet faces and at the end of the day, you with your feet kicked up:) Enjoy today dear Doris, HUGS!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

The house is looking like home every time I see these family photos, Doris. I would enjoy that porch too!

White Lace and Promises said...

Nothing like time with the kiddos. Cuties for sure! I love your back porch. I want one of those. I wanted to do a deck on my small home when we redid the kitchen. Oops. Couldn't stretch the money.