Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bits and Pieces Post

Just a short post ....

  • It's tax day. Taxes done. Don't owe. Yippee!
  • It's raining and the temps are dropping drastically. Talk of snow tonight. That's just ridiculous!!
  • Work on our bedroom at the new house has started. Yeah! We changed the layout all around from what we thought we were going to do. I have a smart carpenter/hubby. On Friday he placed some wood on the floor so I could see and visualize the layout better. We changed it =)  
  • We had some very nice days around here. So warm!! Love it. The grass is green, my lilacs are sprouting leaves, the tulips are pushing buds. I love Spring....even though it makes me sneeze.
  • On Sunday our family got to see the house for the first time. It was nice to see family enjoy the house and lawn ♥

  • I love the blue doors!
Door to the laundry room.

Corey replaces a burned out light bulb.

  • Neighbors say they are glad to see lights on in the house again. This house seems to be surrounded by nice people. 
  • I'm so ready to move....but I still have much to do before that day! 

Blessings to you on this cold, rainy evening!


Jean Stauffer said...

Everything I see of this house is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

From the Kitchen said...

Wishing you well in your move!! Hopefully the weather will improve and all can enjoy that nice lawn. Happy Easter!


Anonymous said...

Glad the work has started on your new suite. Wishing you much happiness in your new home. Happy Easter to all.

White Lace and Promises said...

Love the house. Love the blue door. Love the entire space. I know you are having fun!

Yes, even in Middle GA today was cooold. I can't believe. Snow predictions where my children are in Nashville.


Theresa said...

Fun days ahead at your new home. Enjoy each moment dear Doris!!! Sending hugs and prayers across the miles.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Like not only theose blue doors, Doris, but that whole front entry. We do hope to be able to see you when we are in Mannheim next Monday...and seeing this great new place for you and your family would be wonderful.
Happy Easter to you and your family as there is much rejoicing to be done!


I love the blue doors and your matching pots. How fun.