Monday, April 21, 2014

It's a Beautiful Day!

Good Monday to you! It's a beautiful day!

Look at those blue skies!
Look at those green leaf beginnings =)

Zoe really, really wanted to water the flowers
with her new cow watering can.

We got each of the little Grands a watering can 
and some candy for Easter this year.

Here's some more pictures of the new house. 

The beginnings of our bedroom, the closet
and sitting room

This is the walk-in closet.

Looking from the bedroom to the door to the back yard.

It was a beautiful day on Saturday too. The kids had a good time playing at the new house while Daddy and Pop Pop worked.

Sweet Zoe comes to see what Nana was up to♥

Riding toys on a paved driveway is lots of fun!

I bought pots at Home Goods for the front porch.
I love them!
Need to wait a bit longer to plant anything in them.
We are still getting nighttime temps in the 30's.

I'd say the garage looks like someone is moving in =)
It won't be long!

Gotta get back to packing. Have a wonderful Monday!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful to see blue skies of new spring growth! Your pots look great with the blue door.
I love Zoe's watering "cow!"

White Lace and Promises said...

What fun fun! The kiddos look like they are having fun. I know you enjoy them. Miss, miss mine so much!

Theresa said...

Oh my goodness, it is looking like home to me:) Love the blue pots! I know that those little ones are as happy as you are:) Sending hugs, prayers and energy your way!

Jean Stauffer said...

So much work, but so much fun!!!

We won't have time to stop in this weekend, but on Memorial Day weekend we'll be down for a former student's wedding. We're staying down for Sunday and Monday, so we'll definitely be stopping by!