Friday, February 21, 2014

Sunshine and warmer temps =)

We've had some warmer weather. The sun peeked out Wednesday and yesterday.

Here comes the sun.... =)

Above freezing temps (in the 40's which feels heavenly!!)...
Melting snow and ice......
Equals  lots of slop!!

Today it's foggy, drizzling, damp, colder. Maybe it just feels colder because the sun can't get through those thick clouds. Cold will be with us again next week. And, maybe some snow. Oh no! I hope it's just a little (or none), not enough to cancel school. Ellen and Aidan are now at June 17 for the last day of school. 

Zoe finally had a day of pre-school yesterday. They had their Valentine's party. She was so anxious to see what was inside her bag after we came home.

Valentine's from friends are so much fun!

Aidan had his party on Tuesday. Yesterday they had their 100 day took a long time to reach 100 days of school this year!! 

Gina and I did some shopping on Wednesday. At Walmart, I briefly looked at the curling irons and told her I'll need a new one sometime. Well, I should have gotten one...yesterday I was smelling something funny in the was my curling iron. It was smoking like crazy....not from the plug but the barrel. I guess it no longer knew when it was hot enough and just kept on getting hotter. Oh dear, can you imagine what that thing might have done to my hair had I been using it??

I have not been a very good blogger lately. I read your posts when I can, often on my phone. But I don't like writing a comment from my phone. Many times I do something - what I do I have no clue - and it doesn't post. [sigh] So, I need to comment from the desktop computer which is upstairs. I just don't get there very often. I thought about getting an iPad. But we really need a full size laptop too. We will be getting a household laptop sometime. (it's just too crazy a time for our computer wiz to make decisions like that right now) I've been researching different Kindle Fire tablets. I think that would be fine for me...I read books and magazines; and seeing FB and blog posts would be easier than on my phone; I like to save recipes and cook from those recipes.Using my phone is tiring for that. Anyone have a particular Kindle Fire they love? I'd like to hear what you have to say!

Bless you all! Enjoy your's another day closer to Spring!!


Anonymous said...

Glad for a break in your weather. Zoe looks so cute with her Valentine bag. Glad you/the house were not hurt with the bad curling iron. That is so dangerous. God bless you all this weekend.

Theresa said...

Girlie, that is a cute little face looking at her Valentine:) Made me smile, yes it did! I use a curling iron too and can't live without it! My daughter and grand-daughter use a straightener:) NOT me, I need a little curl! You have a lot going on up there, don't worry about commenting! You just drop in when you can:) LOVE you dear Doris! HUGS!

White Lace and Promises said...

That is the cutest little valentine I have seen in a long time:) I haven't seen mine since Christmas:) We have so much in common except I sure would like to have a house full of grandchildren. what fun that must be! The morning was warm with tornadoes after the ice storm last week. People get ready. Next week is cold again.

Mollye said...

Hi Doris....I loved the Valentine bag. What fun we used to have in school on Valentine's Day. Glad to know it is a tradition and celebration that still goes on. I can't wait until Rosie and Jake are old enough to enjoy this special day of love. Glad you're warming up a bit there.

Jean Stauffer said...

Yes, commenting from my phone (as I'm doing right now) is a pain sometimes, but I can usually make it work if I have enough patience to put up with a few quirks.

Yesterday I forgot to take my recipe folder along to Lori's house, so I had to search back through months of emails on my phone to find the ones I wanted (she emails them to me.) What a pain. Then I had to read the recipes on my phone too. That's hard on these old eyes.

It would be nice to have an iPad, but that's not gonna happen for us.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Doris, I agree that commenting from an iPhone can be difficult. Even thiugh we recentky upgraded from our "dumb phones" I prefer using the iPad to read and comment on posts. You could consider looking on the Apple site for a refurbished older iPad, which carries the same 1 yr warranty from Apple.
Enjoy the weekend and glad the snow is melting, hopefully not much more will be headed your way.