Monday, February 17, 2014


Here's what's happening...

  • Have I ever taken a lot of snow pictures this winter!! I was looking back through Picasa recently. Yes, there's a bunch of white.
  • Here are some snow pictures from last week ;-)

We've had so much snow on so many days...I don't remember one from another! More to come tonight. AHHHHHHH! 
  • Saturday afternoon Corey and the kids had fun in the snow. They went sledding and dug a tunnel....
It was such a pretty day,
but cold!


  • Remember the piece of pottery Ellen painted several weeks ago?
Isn't it pretty?

  • Zoe falls asleep in some dreadful positions!

How in the world can that be comfortable??

That's more like it!!

  • Today is a holiday. No school even though the weather was PERFECT!! We got in 2 full days last week and a late start day. Anyway, we needed to take Gina to work. The kids wanted to go into the mall to see Mommy who was also working. Mommy got them a treat =) They ate it while Ellen picked out a new pair of glasses at ModernEyes, where Mommy (Christy) works..

 Yummy treat!!

Ellen found a wonderful pair of glasses. Not sure when they will be ready...can't wait!
Next stop at the mall was a haircut for Ellen.

Watching =)

  • Dale is at Corey and Christy's Mount Joy house today. The new hardwoods are being installed!! Rebuilding  (needed due to the burst water pipe and flooding) has started =) The renters move in on Saturday, yeah!
  • We have one more inspection to be completed at the house we hope to call home. It was scheduled for, you guessed it, tomorrow. It's going to snow several inches, again, and it will be rescheduled, again. Ugh. 
  • My baby sister (who lives in GA) became a Grandma for the first time just about an hour ago! We already saw pictures of little Elijah David. Congratulations to the Wichterman's!
Blessings to you on this Monday evening. It's cold here in PA. I'm going to make a cup of decaf, grab a blanket and watch some Olympic's. Wanna join me?


Mary Ellen said...

Beautiful pictures! While we are tired of snow, I must say it always looks beautiful, esp. when on the trees. Green grass will look beautiful too.
I hope the housing plans can move forward for you.

Theresa said...

A new baby is SUCH a blessing:) ALL of that snow is SO pretty but I know you are probably getting tired of it! Enjoy your time with the children, I know you do! I can't wait until ALL of your plans are finalized:) The new home is going to be awesome, I know it! Have a blessed week dear Doris, HUGS!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news about the new baby!
Fun for Ellen to get new glasses and a hair cut. Hope she will be very happy.
I do wish you could get the final inspection over with. The weather has not been cooperative!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Always fun to catch up with your family, Doris. Here school was in session on President's Day to make up for closings from our single large snowfall a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for the offer to join you for watching the Olympics too.
Congrats to your sister and her family on the newest member.

Granny said...

Your "white" pictures could be postcards! Snow is so very beautiful, but I'm sure you are quite ready for springtime ... and I think your adorable grands are probably ready for spring too. They look so content with their treats -- but I'm sure have plenty of outside energy too. Spring can't come soon enough for our grands. Congratulations to all your family on baby Elijah David. Hope all went well with your house inspection!

White Lace and Promises said...

Thanks for dropping by today. Those babies are just precious. Congratulations on a new one. My 2nd grandbaby will be born in March or April. I am so excited.

Jean Stauffer said...

Well hurray!! We're getting a break from snow and freezing temps in the next few days!! Trouble is, it will make things even harder to take when it gets cold again. But at least it's almost MARCH!!