Monday, February 24, 2014


Whew, was this ever a busy week end! I know, most of ours are =)

Saturday -
Ellen had her second activity with the group of girls she does Aaron's Acres activities, Challenger Baseball and Challenger Cheering with. We They went bowling. I forgot my camera =(  Pictures are not good because, well, you know...

Nicole, Ellen and Sarenah
on one team.

Oh, Ellen!

Emily, Elizabeth, Marissa, and Briahana...
oops, where's Bri??...
on the other team.

While the girls bowled,
the moms chatted and made plans for future activities.

Gettin' ready to do her stuff =)

There it goes....

She looks pleased!

They had a very good time. Ellen and I made a few stops on the way home, then...
I crashed! Why I was so worn out, I do not know. I just felt completely finished!

Sunday -
Ah, Sunday. Another big day. Corey and I needed to be at church early because he was playing drums and I was singing with the Worship Team. Practice is always a must. What wonderful worship and service we had! After church we had lunch at Manheim Twin Kiss (again! we went there last Sunday too. Love that little restaurant!), went home to wrap a gift and gather some items, then it was back to church for....
 a Party!

Zoe's 4th Birthday Party!
Aunt Greta wishes her a Happy Birthday...
(Zoe's birthday is tomorrow, Feb. 24)

She had a blast opening her gifts!

Brother Aidan helps.
What could be in this one??

Amber and Nikki know...
they have provided Aidan and Zoe with a few musical gifts over the years.
It was a ukulele!
and I can't believe I don't have a pic of it!

Aww, what a cute Hello Kitty rolling bag!

A puzzle in a lunchbox from Nana, Pop Pop and Ellen =)

A cute dress from Aunt Gina.

Sunglasses from Aidan.

Time for cake!

It's an Ice Cream Pizza Cookie cake 
from Maggie Moo's =)
How cute!!

Happy Birthday to you!

She blows out all the candles!

Do you think maybe these kids want a slice of that??

It was soooo good!

Some of Zoe's cousins enjoying cake and being together ♥

The party was great fun. Again, after we got home, I felt DONE! Good grief, I wasn't even involved in the planning...why was I so tired?? Beats me!

Ellen got her new glasses! I didn't get a very good pic of her, but here they are....

She really looks good in them!

She still really wants this pair....

Maybe later this year, Sweetie!

Saturday was a beautifully warm day. I just could not resist...

Spring wreath went up on the kitchen door =)
I am so anxious for the warmer weather to stay.
It's too soon...
back to freezing again this week.

At least the warmer temps melted all the ice on our driveway!
We lost several inches of snow too.
I'm OK with that!

Bless you today!


Anonymous said...

Love your photos. Happy Birthday Zoe!
Also, I love Ellen's glasses.

Theresa said...

Ellen's glasses are gorgeous! She looks so stylish:) You guys sure had a busy weekend and Zoe's party was awesome! LOVE that pizza ice cream cake:) YUM! I loved seeing all of those little ones having fun! Have a blessed week dear friend, HUGS!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What wonderful ways to spend time together!

Thank you so very much for visiting Decor To Adore~ Mildred's My Favorite 5 post.

Have a beautiful week!

Mary Ellen said...

Why are you tired? Just maybe because your life is very busy and you don't get "down time", and some time by yourself. I can't go, go like I used to.
I enjoyed your post and pictures. Happy Birthday to Zoe! She is a fun party girl.

Jean Stauffer said...

Awww. Zoe's party looks like so much fun! And the bowling party too. That was indeed a busy weekend. But there's just so much fun to be had when you're a mom and a grandma, right?

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Doris, so much going on in your family, so it's no wonderr yiu felt tired. Hope you got some rest after all those fun events.