Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Snow Fun - So Fun!!

The day after Christmas gave us a surprise snowfall. Nice, especially where there is a little boy with a new snow toy.

Daddy gives Aidan a BIG push!

Aidan goes fast!
It wasn't a lot of snow,
but just enough for some fun =)

That was great!!

 He goes again,
not as fast this time

He was trying to convince his sister 
that she could have fun too.

What a sweet brother....
he was by her side the first time down the hill ♥
She declared it to be lots of fun!

The snow soon disappeared.
We had lots of rain on Sunday.
Now our weather is turning very cold....
maybe some snow later this week.
I know a little boy who would be pleased as punch with that!

Christmas vacation is fast coming to a close.
Corey has been home since Christmas day.
Dale has been home since last Friday.
Christy has worked Sunday and today. 
Gina, unfortunately, had a usual work week.

Everyone is back to normal Thursday.
What an adjustment that will be!!

Hubby has been busy.
He put in the replacement windows.
We love having a window where there wasn't any for such a long time.
He is also working on the floor.
Stain is now finished.
One coat of poly, too.

A work in progress...

We are planning another fun family time tonight...at least with some of the family. Gathering at the Smith household again.

Happy New Year! Praying your year, as well as ours, will be filled with many blessings and just enough challenges to keep it interesting =)


Jean Stauffer said...

Oh, Doris!!! That room looks just wonderful!!

Everything is completely white up here again.

Mary Ellen said...

That bedroom is amazing! Who would have dreamed of such a beautiful floor, and nice drywalled walls. In my younger days, having carpet meant we were finally "catching up" to everyone else who had wall to wall carpet.
Children love snow, how is it we adults get so tired of it?

Have fun tonight, it is so cold and windy, I am going to stay home.

Barb said...

That room looks fantastic! I love the floor. Glad the kids could enjoy the snow.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Doris and Dale, we wish you and your wonderful family all the best in this New Year. Thanks for sharing your lives through your blog posts. We are so looking forward to seeing you again when we are in Mannheim this coming weekend...a great way to start this new year.

Karen said...

I'm glad the children had so much fun in the snow! The renovation is looking great! Happy New Year.

Mollye said...

Happy 2014 Doris. Love your snow pictures. Such a rarity here in Louisiana. Missed you!

Theresa said...

Snow, snow, beautiful snow:) No snow down here but it is plenty cold! BRRRR! Love the windows and floor! GREAT JOB, tell the HUBBY I said so:) Have a blessed day sweet friend, BIG HUGS!

Anonymous said...

What fun in the snow! Your room is looking great. Wishing you all many blessings in the new year.