Monday, December 30, 2013

Our Christmas - part 2

Family Gifts...the children received gifts from Aunts and Uncles and Nana and Pop Pop.

Brinley got a cute puppy from Aunt Kimmy

Paityn loves the bean bag chair from Aunt Kimmy =)

Ellen got a funny movie from her sister Kim.

Brinley has lots of help
opening her gift from Nana and Pop Pop.

Zoe got a Cabbage Patch doll
from Nana and Pop Pop.

Aidan and Paityn open their gifts at the same time...
what could they be??

We wish for more snow!!

Zoe and Brinley decide they 
don't need snow to have fun!

Andrew takes a look at the sweater we gave him...
and a Starbucks gift card =)

 We give a small gift to our adult children, too.
The guy's gift causes some laughs!

Corey thinks his Mom is off her rocker =)

I say, But, how good you look,
my Son!

You, too, my Son-in-law =)

Mary Ellen helps Scott with his.

You look so good,
my other Son-in-law =)

The girls check out what's in their bags -

Gina finds gloves among some other stuff =)

Greta checks out her bag.

Christy and Kim, too.

We play the crazy game of 
Now you Have it,
Now you Don't.

We wait till the end to open our gifts.
Always, there's lots of laughter involved.

People crowd around Christy to see what she has 
because it's taking her forever to open it!

It's Duct tape all stuck together!!
A Scott gift, of course!
Kim checks out her singing reindeer from Gina .

We also waited in anticipation
to see what Scott got.
Christy said it was 
Pay Back Time!!

Scott, we expect you to wear this 
for all the neighbors to see next summer 
while you grill your family a good meal!!
Too funny!

Look at Paityn!!
Aidan checks out Greta's gift from Kim =)

 After the fun time was past,
Zoe wanted her nails painted...
Greta and Lynn got her a bag full of nail polish.
Zoe loves having her nails painted!

Here she is,
showing off her pretty nails =)
Thanks, Aunt Greta!

Christmas is past once again. 
It was great, we had a blast, it goes too fast...
and I am done!
This Nana is tired!


Jean Stauffer said...

I could hear the laughter just looking at the pics. Especially Lynn's! How cool that Mary Ellen was with you!

Theresa said...

Love seeing all of your fun times! Christmas is a special time for family and yours and mine are so similar:) Ellen looks so cute in the antlers and the BOW TIES are precious on the gentlemen:) Have a blessed day dear Doris, BIG HUGS!