Friday, December 27, 2013

Our Christmas

Our day was filled with family and fun, fun, fun.....what more would you expect from the FahnHouse?

We had a surprise snow squall on Christmas Eve. It came with a furry and left us with a beautiful white world. Nice! All our snow had disappeared last week end because of warmer temps and lots of rain.

I thought it was so interesting how Aidan arranged the Manger scene...

I had the 3 Wise men to the side.
He thought they should be right in front facing Baby Jesus ♥

Ellen opens a gift and finds
 wonderful slippers from Gina.

Gina finds a bag with a note....
it gave instructions as to where to find another gift
from her Mom and Dad.
It was in the basement!

A new TV!

Aidan is loving this gift from his parents!
It's a Hot Wheels race car.

Zoe loves Babies!!

Christy loves her slippers from Corey and the kids.
she knew she was getting them...
she didn't know about what was inside one of the slippers.

A beautiful pair of earrings!

Gina gifted Zoe her doll house ♥
It's been in our attic for a long time.
Zoe LOVES it!


We all gathered at Marcy and Scott's house for our family dinner.
What a great home for a bunch like ours =)

Tables all the way into the play room
filled with people I love ♥
Melt my heart.

As we were eating,
Marcy told me that I may want to take a look out the front window.
Oh. My. Word!
The sky was breathtakingly beautiful!
My little camera couldn't capture all the beauty...
but I tried!


More pictures another day! Christy is organizing the kitchen and I need to get down there to make some decisions. I love her organizing skills!!

Dale is working on the window he put in the bedroom. A window has not been there for about 28 years. Ahh, let the be light =)

(I'll have to show you a pic another time. Things aren't working to do it right now, ugh!!)

We needed a plummer today. The pump was not working this morning. It's all fixed again, thanks to our friend Ed Sensenig! One seems to really need water when there isn't any!!

Blessings to you today!


Mary Ellen said...

Marcy's house is great for your family gathering. Enjoyed the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Such fun photos of your beautiful family. That's a glorious sunset too. So happy for all of you. Best wishes in the new year - May God bless.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

The joys of nature and family at Christmas were great to see, Doris. We are so looking forward to seeing you again in the New Year. Best wishes to you and your family. Looks like everyone enjoyed their gifts.

Theresa said...

Oh what a wonderful Christmas! Love seeing all of those happy smiles as they open their gifts! Nothing better than being surrounded by family:) LOVE that Sunset! It is one of my favorite things, love capturing the beauty of the sky to enjoy over and over! BIG HUGS to you sweet Doris! Have a blessed and beautiful Sunday!

Jean Stauffer said...

I'm trying to catch up with every normal thing in my life, including blog reading. How awesome that Marcy has space to stretch tables out like that! And a view like that! So happy for her and all of you.