Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy Birthday to Brinley!

The last few days have been very busy. On Saturday I attended a women's seminar called Sister Care - Equipping Women for Caring Ministry. It was wonderful! I didn't feel like I could give up a whole Saturday but so glad I did. Well worth the time...and so nice to be part of something I didn't need to plan!!

Saturday evening our church held it's annual Fall Gathering including hayrides. Ellen was so anxious for this event. We roast hot dogs on a fire (the best way to make a hot dog in my opinion!), eat snacks that people bring, and drink hot chocolate or coffee =) I enjoy sitting by the fire, chatting with folks and drinking coffee. No hay ride for me...I've done that many times in the past and now just prefer to sit by the fire. I was very tired but glad I went.

(not a clear picture of the fire I enjoyed)

Sunday morning was church and fellowship meal following the service. Wonderful, both of them!

Brinley had a party later in the afternoon =) What fun! Love that little bundle of energy!!

 Birthday Girl, Brinley, has some dinner.

 Pop Pop, Christy and Greta have some, too.
We had a delicious meal!!

 Brinley will have some fun opening these!

 She opens the one we brought for her...
rip, toss =)

It's a carry bag with a puppy inside!
Not a real puppy, of course!

 She finds a cute outfit in a bag from Gina.

 Checking out what's in this bag...
she's already wearing the cute headband which was part of the gift =)

 A cute baby in a carrier....
not a real baby, of course!

 I don't remember the name of the girl in red.
She was a cutie, for sure.
I showed her this pic when I took it and she liked it =)

Time for cake!

 Happy Birthday to you, Brinley!

The kids want some
cake and ice cream!
And, a few adults want some too =)

It was a fun party, Brinley. We love you sooooo much and know you will love being 2! 


It is so cold today. We are mostly heating with the Eden Pure heater...heating oil is so expensive. This afternoon my hands were so cold that I felt like I needed to wear gloves. It's especially cold upstairs where I've been working on the computer. I had enough. I  turned up the heat and let the good old furnace run for a while. Ahhh, heat! It's such a luxury!! 

While finishing this post, I told Aidan and Zoe to go through the Toys R Us toy catalog, circle the items they like and put an A or Z beside them. What fun we will have looking at what they would love to receive for Christmas!! 

Blessings to you today!


Jean Stauffer said...

Brinley is just the cutest little thing!

Yes, it was cold today, more so as the day progressed.

That seminar sounds wonderful. Who put it on?

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

And, the celebrations continue for your family, Doris. And, as usually it looks like a fun time for everyone, especially Brinley. And the fall colors in yesterday's post were beautiful to see. We don't have much in our area, yet.

Theresa said...

Oh how fun:) Happy Birthday Brinley! Looks like it was a wonderful time FILLED with smiles:) Have a blessed day dear Doris, HUGS!

Karen said...

What a darling! Happy Birthday Brinley. Looks like she had a wonderful time. You have given me a great gift idea for my granddaughter: the puppy in the carrier.

Anonymous said...

Brinley is such a cutie - glad she enjoyed her special day.
Happy that you enjoyed the seminar.

Have a nice afternoon, Doris.

Granny said...

Happy Birthday, Brinley!!! What a great weekend, Doris, for you & your family ... absolutely LOVE these pics :)