Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Pictures....Family.....Fun! If you don't like to look at pictures, feel free to skip this post!

First, two which I forgot to post from Brinley's party - 

 While Brinley was opening her gifts,
Zoe found a book and took it to Scott's Dad
for him to read to her!
So sweet!!

Poppy with his two youngest Grands =)

Random pictures - 

 Ellen holds a chick at Cherry Crest Farms.
Holding the chick was her favorite activity!

 Last week we had several really nice days.
The kids had a great time playing outdoors
getting dirty!!
They love to play in the gravel driveway.

 Christy found this cute horse by the road.
Zoe loves it so much.
Here she shows me a trick ride =)

 Yes I did!
Last week Gina treated me to a Starbucks.
I was going to get a Pumpkin Spice Latte...
Peppermint Mocha was advertised...
it was SOOOOOO good!

 We made chocolate chip cookies.

 I have such good helpers!

Christy works at ModernEyes - selling eye glasses.
She sometimes brings boxes of frames home to go through.
We had fun trying them!!

Aidan loves these!
He wishes he needed glasses!

Blessings to you!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the photos, Doris. Tell Ellen that I would have loved to hold the chicks! Zoe's horse looks like a lot of fun and Aidan looks cool in those glasses! I got new glasses this week.
I saw that Dunkin Donuts has a peppermint drink too but I have not tried it yet. I did buy a jelly donut though!

Jean Stauffer said...

Who doesn't love pictures?? I loved them all.


Beautiful fun photos, Doris.


Theresa said...

Sweet little ones:) Mine loved holding the chickies too! Enjoy your week dear friend! Smiles ALL AROUND:) BIG HUGS!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Yes, tis the season for flavored coffees, Doris. We enjoyed pumpkin spice at Dunkin donuts last week. Looks like the frames were a big hit!