Friday, November 1, 2013

Cute Little Munchkins =)

 Aidan's teacher said he should practice writing the number 5. I showed him and he took it from there.

 Great work Aidan!

 Zoe loves to color.
She does a very nice job, too!

 Trick or Treat!!

All ready to head to the mall for some fun!

It's a beautiful day today. Warm and breezy. The leaves seemed to change overnight.

 We had heavy rain and wind early this morning.
Later it started to clear.

 Autumn is a beautiful time of the year!

This afternoon the skies are a beautiful blue.
Perfect to show off our yellow maple trees!

Been a busy week and the busy continues this week end. A very special little girl is 2 years old tomorrow! Happy Birthday, Brinley!


Theresa said...

Oh so cute little ones learning:). I love watching their little minds working! Trick or treat cuties too! Enjoy your weekend. Happy early birthday Brinley.

Anonymous said...

The children are so cute in their costumes. I also love the fall colors and blue sky you are enjoying. Happy Birthday to Brinley this weekend.

Jean Stauffer said...

That last picture is just spectacular!!

Granny said...

These outside pictures sure look like post-cards! How beautiful!!! And looks like you had Special visitors at Halloween -- memorable moments :)