Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pictures of what we've been up to....

Today I'm going to post some pictures from my camera and phone which will show some of what we've been up to. Summer is flying by and we have so much yet to do...but let's not dwell on that!

Last Tuesday we had a fun afternoon at Long's Park.
It was a very nice day...the kids got hot because of all the play,
but really, it was a nice day!
After going from area to area,
Aidan soon made friends with other kids.
We would see him zip by us while playing.
Zoe befriended a little girl but she mostly was
content to being pushed on the swing
or doing her own thing.

 Ellen gives a helping hand to Zoe.

 Aidan shows off his strength!

 Zoe plays the bells =)

Challenger Cheering has started!
This is Ellen's favorite activity.

 At the end of the season banquet last year,
the girls were given big sparkly bows to wear in their hair.
Ellen could not wait to wear it.
She brought it downstairs the night before so it was ready for her hair the next morning!

 She is LOVING this!!

Most of my pics of the game didn't get good.
The kids playing football have just as much fun as the kids cheering.

Yesterday on our way from Aidan and Zoe's house to mine,
Aidan asked if we could bake.
I said, Sure can!
So we decided it would be a chocolate cake and they wanted to make a rainbow.
Wasn't sure how we would do it.
We had a lot of fun putting the idea on the cake!

Aidan really wanted the raindrops. 
I didn't have much icing left and thought about keeping them white.
That did not suit the boy...
he suggested making them a darker blue.
We did it and he was so pleased!!

 He cannot wait to eat some!

While the cake was baking
they sang along to their favorite cassette tape...
fun songs by Uncle Scott Kepnes!
Four wonderful songs,
and they know every word!

Aidan saw my camera.
He wanted to take some pictures, of course.

 He didn't like this one...
too blurry.

That's better!
(no tablecloth on the table because it needed washed after our cake baking!)

The bowl (mostly empty bowl) of grapes
and two nectarines.

Hey there, I didn't know you were taking this!
Yes, that's me making dinner!

 Other side of the kitchen....
must have wanted a pic of the sticker paper he made for his Mother.

The kids gathered here on Sunday afternoon and evening.
Greta and Lynn have a vegetable garden. 
They offered to bring over some sweet corn for dinner =)

 Husking the corn.

Greta said Brinley was going to learn how it's done!

 Chow time!

Sweet Zoe!

Yes, they are my toes =)
(and my empty dish!)

That's it for today!

We are enjoying some beautiful weather these days.
A real treat for August in PA!!

Blessings to you!


Jean Stauffer said...

I love all the pics, but especially the one of them sitting by the tape player. Just PRECIOUS!!

Anonymous said...

The park looks like a fun place. Ellen looks beautiful with her sparkly bow. The sweet, fresh corn looks delicious, too.
I think Aidan and Zoe did a great job with that cake. He took a nice photo of the rainbow and raindrops!

Theresa said...

Oh what a sweet collection of memories:) Love seeing Ellen enjoying herself with her friends! You guys are my kind of Family! LOVING being together doing ANYTHING! Enjoy the rest of your evening dear Doris, HUGS!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

As always, Doris, it was great fun to see the photos and read about what you and your family have been doing. Loved the shot of your relaxing too.