Thursday, August 8, 2013

I went Shopping

Yesterday I went shopping. Gina and Ellen did too. Those who are friends with me on Facebook know of the terrible traffic jam we encountered on Route 30 on our way to the outlets. It was something. One small section of a closed lane on super busy Lincoln Highway caused a huge backlog of traffic. I hate traffic....I'm a country gal who really does not mind our 2 lane back country roads. Nuf said!!

Anyway, one reason for this shopping trip was to purchase a swim suit for me. UGH!! I hate swim suit shopping but I really need a new one. First stop - QVC Outlet at Rockvale. Picked out several to try on. Bought the first one I tried! I had one saved on their web site that I thought I liked and considered ordering. It was one I tried on yesterday and didn't like it after all. This morning I decided to look up the one I purchased --

This is it, except mine has shades of blue and green. I never would have given this one a second look if this pic was the only thing I had to go on. I think  it's much cuter in person than on their model. (Please know, I am not cute in any swim suit!'s the suit that's cute!!) It's listed at full price on the web, but I got it for under $40 and, of course, no shipping and handling!

I'm a happy girl! Happy day to you!!


From the Kitchen said...

Love it! Me? I wish they'd bring back those swimsuits from the 1920s. You know, the ones that went down below the knees, had long sleeves and high necks.


From the Kitchen said...

P.S. We live very near the Lincoln Highway (30).


Anonymous said...

I'm happy you found one you like and at a great price, especially after the traffic jam!

Theresa said...

Happy Happy Lady with a new swimsuit! That one is REALLY CUTE:) I wear one with a skirt and feel much better without my booty hanging out:) We are doing some shopping down here too! I have a Wedding Shower to go to on Saturday for my Great-Nephew... can't wait! LOVE Weddings and showers! A beginning of new lives together is exciting to me! Have a blessed evening sweet Doris, HUGS!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Now that you have a new bathing suit, Doris, will you be going on a beach vacation soon? Glad too the trip was a success despite its start.

Jean Stauffer said...

You made me laugh out loud, Doris! I got a new swim suit this year too at Kohls and feel MUCH better about going into the water now. I do think this one is cute, and I'm sure you were cute in it yesterday!