Friday, August 2, 2013

Sunday - Witmer Family Week-end

Sunday morning I was tired! I found out others were too. We were to gather at the community hall in the adult community where our sweet Grandma Mary lives. Plans were to have a light snacks of bagels, fruit, juice and coffee, then have our church service. It was so funny, as we were leaving our house  just before 10:30, I got a text from Greta. They were running late and told me not to wait for them. I responded that we had just left...that made her feel better =) Then on the way there, I got a text from Christy saying they were running late....made me smile! Since there really wasn't a reason to rush, everyone just relaxed and had a good time.

The kids gather for a story told by Aunt Jeanie
Notice that Zoe is trying to get Brinley to come, too =)
Don't you love Andrew's red sneakers?!!

Aidan and Paityn are really into the story while
'Mama Zoe' continues to try to get Brinley involved.
Gotta love that girl!

 As you can see, Brinley is never still!
She was up on Jeanie's lap, soon down again.

We sing a song with motions. 
They are gettin' into it!

Time for lunch....provided by Jeanie and Dick.
Yummy sausage sandwiches, homemade potato salad,
veggies and dip, fruit tray, and yummy cakes and rice krispie treats.

 Paityn focuses on her lunch while
Aidan and Isaiah have a deep conversation =)
Aidan loved spending time with Isaiah.

 Zoe loves hanging with Aunt Kimmy =)

 Serious expressions!
I know this table had a conversation about Heath Insurance...
could be that's when I took this picture, haha!

This beautiful girl is Merida, daughter of Betty and Scott
She is a dancer and a figure skater, can't you tell?
Soooo beautiful, so graceful!!
This girl is as sweet as they come.

After lunch some of the group played mini golf on the beautiful course next to the community hall.
I am borrowing some pictures from others because I didn't go up to the course at all.
I was busy playing shuffleboard with Christy, Kim and Grandma Mary. 
We had a grand time.
Mary and I blew Kim and Christy away with our skill, hahaha!

 Such a beautiful setting!

I walked to the pond with the kids to feed the ducks and swans.
Again, such a beautiful setting!
Almost makes me want to live there ☺

 The swans know something is up.
The ducks did too.

 They say, Yum, thanks ♥

 This is Isaiah, son of Betty and Scott.
I was so impressed with this young man.
He could have been bored to death at this family gathering.
No other boy even near his age.
But, he took such an interest in his little cousins...well, they are cousin's once removed.
Here he is helping Zoe sit on the rock.
He made sure she was safe.
He spoke to her with such kindness and in a tender tone.
What a guy!

Greta took Brinley for a walk.
It was a success!

This porch was made for sitting!

Before leaving for the day,
we looked at photo albums of when Merida was a baby.
On this pic-
Merida, Betty, Jeanie, and me

I can't forget about another fun activity at Grandma Mary's....

 Golf cart rides!
Isaiah at the wheel, his dad by his side
and Aidan along for the ride in the back!

Destiny driving, Uncle Scott by her side,
and Paityn along for the ride on the back!

So Much Fun!!

Soon the Kepnes family needed to start their trip back to NH.
The rest of us were ready to head to our homes.

Even though this family week end was different than planned,
we all agreed, this one ranked right up there with all the rest of
Witmer family week ends.
Which, by the way, has been happening a long, long time.

Memories made, really good memories!


Jean Stauffer said...

Sigh. I had fun all over again just reading this!

Barb said...

Love,love,love the pictures!! Yes, maybe simpler is better sometimes. I know it is so much work for everyone to do overnights and food. Glad you all had a great time.

Blackberry Lane said...

Beautiful, happy times together! I love your family photos.

Karen said...

I remember our family reunions from years ago. Looks like you all had a fabulous time!