Saturday, July 20, 2013

What a week!

Seems like  it was Monday and's Saturday! Ellen had another week of camp which made the week beyond busy. And, it was hot and humid in this part of the world which seemed to make each task so much harder. I don't mind the heat so much, the humidity can be brutal.

Ellen had a wonderful week. She went swimming, swept and planted flowers at a women's shelter, helped at an Alex's Lemon-aide stand where they raised over $600, and washed cars which brought in $200 for charity. Yesterday afternoon they went bowling. It was a surprise activity and she had a wonderful time.

Thursday evening was the family picnic. Oh my, it was a hot evening. We sat under the trees which usually is pleasant on a hot day. But on Thursday the weather was oppressive. We still had a good time.

 The hamburgers made over a charcoal fire are just the best. Everybody brings a drink or side dish to share. The camp provides the awesome cake for dessert. Yummy! Awards were given out, too.

We heard how Ellen was a super helper for the community projects.
She got the Community Helper Award!

Ellen had the most wonderful buddy this year.

Paige is a senior at Millersville U where she is studying Early Elementary Special Education. She and Ellen really bonded. She will stay in touch and will let us know of some activities the University is planning for special needs kids.

Ellen and Paige
After the cake was served it seemed like everyone high-tailed out of there to get home to air conditioned houses!!

Today at noon, Penn Cinema provided a special showing of the movie Monsters University for kids with sensory issues. Ellen does go see movies at times and is sort of ok. Loudness bothers her and the complete darkness can unnerve her. Today they left the lights up a bit and the sound was way a comfortable level! It didn't matter to anyone attending if a kid made noises or talked. Everyone in the room understood! Ellen enjoyed the movie. It won't become a favorite of mine but it did have a good message of perseverance when all seems against you and that complacency is a big negative!

Because of the busy week, way too much needed done today. Laundry, dishes, cleaning....lots in all three areas! Tonight I'm finishing up the laundry, the dishes are done and the cleaning remains to be finished. I must do a quick wipe down in the kitchen and the half bath and sweep the entire downstairs. Should have had an iced coffee this afternoon! Up and at it......

Blessings to you!


Musicaljean said...

How wonderful that Ellen had such special things to do this hot week. And now you made it through these two busy weeks just in time to enjoy the more bearable weather that's coming.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Ellen on her award. So glad that she and Paige bonded so well. Our humidity has been terrible, also. It makes it hard to keep up with the simplest chores!
Your hamburgers and the cake sound delicious to me. Try to get some rest tomorrow. Love you guys!

YEAH Ellen!!!

Theresa said...

Oh what a fun time for sweet Ellen:) I adore her precious smile! Take a little rest dear Doris, I think you need it:) BIG hugs!

Joanne said...

its so neat that they do things for the special needs children and adults, like penn cinema does. And yes its getting a little cooler, that's something to look forward to.

Mary Ellen said...

Congratulations to Ellen on receiving the award, and many Thanks fo you for all the sacrifices you made so Ellen could have these two wonderful weeks.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Today you should get some rest, Doris, after such a busy week. Congrats to Ellen on her award and nice to see her big smile. Same weather here as in RI from where we just returned.

Anonymous said...
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