Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That....

In other words....Random!

It's hot. I'm sure lots of people are saying the same!

 Ellen has her second week of camp this week.....thank God for the pool! They swim every morning and sometimes in the afternoon if they aren't going anywhere for an outing. They do service projects in the community most afternoons. Most of my week will be spent taking Ellen to and from camp, transporting Gina to and from work, meeting Christy at the mall to get the kids...wait, I said all that last week! So it goes =)

My computer is having issues. Corey looked at it last evening. He thinks the internal antenna is where the problem lies. Sometimes the computer is connected to the Internet, sometimes it isn't. It comes and goes while I'm using it. Kinda frustrating!

I was also having issues with my Kindle. Scott gave it a look on Sunday and realized it need a major update. He spouted numbers off to me...Marcy understood them but it was all completely over my head!! Anyway, he updated it for me and now it's working like a charm!

Do you like these?

I do! I don't buy a 'cup' of these very often at Starbucks...very expensive but so good! I like the Berry Hibiscus refresher drink too. About a month or so ago I noticed these boxes at Target which contain pouches to add to water...make your own! I still thought they were expensive and didn't purchase any. Last week they were on sale. I got one. Love it! Caution - this drink does contain caffeine. I found out the hard way!

Some pictures of the Grands....

Paityn gives Brinley a ride =)

Miss Sparkle Eyes, Brinley =)

Trying on her hat!

Paityn loves to color...
we both worked on this one.
And, it was proudly hung on the frig...
where else?!!

 Zoe shows off her cookie.
(taken July 4th)

 Our Grandchildren love playing with these old toys.
Aidan's Daddy played with this boat.

Zoe loves digging through plastic bins of stuff =)

Time to get something done before...... picking up the kids at the mall.....going to get Ellen......(Gina has off today)  =)

Enjoy your day! Stay Cool!!


Musicaljean said...

At least you have an air-conditioned car!

I'm having no problem staying cool today. The pastor keeps the thermostat of this place LOW. I'm actually shivering, if you can imagine it!

Doris said...
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Doris said...

Yes, Thank God for air conditioned cars!! Although, the car gets soooo hot between runs. Yesterday Zoe cried because her car seat was so hot, poor girl!

Blackberry Lane said...

Cute pics of all the grandchildren. Love the boat, brings back memories. I can't imagine sitting like Zoe is - someone would have to help me up!!!

Joanne said...

I use water flavoring all the time. I like it and it goes a long way for me, especially with the job I have.

Theresa said...

Old toys are the best:) I love the pictures of those sweet Grandchildren! Nothing like spending time with them! I know your family appreciates you taking them to and from their activities and work! Hugs to you sweet Doris!


Enjoy your busy week. It finally got hot in Chicago.


Karen said...

Great pics! Enjoy the rest of summer. My grandkids will start school in July this year. I will miss seeing them every day!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Summer is sure a busy time for you, Doris, but also gives you time to enjoy the grands more. Hopefully the hot weather will give us all a break soon. Ellen is lucky to go swimming to cool off.