Friday, May 10, 2013


Today I'm grateful for sight and hearing. As I sit here with my little computer on my lap, I hear -
  • A lawnmower
  • Cars and pickup trucks passing by
  • Hammering from the carpenters building the house near us
  • Birds singing
  • Quiet house....ahhh!
I see -
  • Blue skies
  • Green leaves
  • Shadows from the sun
  • And a house that needs a good cleaning - yes I do!
I'm also grateful that no stinky farm smells are coming through the open windows =) I'm enjoying the light breezes. A beautiful day, it is!

Break over.....time to get busy. Ellen has her IU Prom tonight. She is so excited. I'll post pictures tomorrow. She chose a short yellow dress to wear....yellow is her favorite color. It's a dress she will be able to wear for more than the prom. That makes her happy. I'm grateful that Ellen can enjoy this prom with her friends even though her special needs classroom is no longer part of the IU.

Blessings to all the Mom's out there who will be celebrating Mother's Day on Sunday!


Theresa said...

Blessings to you too dear Doris! I am enjoying the sunshine, blue skies, time to clean and a yummy chicken salad sandwich! My Sister's is the best ever:) Hugs to you, can't wait to see Ellen's pics!

From the Kitchen said...

Blessings and a happy Mother's Day to you. I'd be happy to cook if the children were here instead of on opposite coasts!!


Anonymous said...

We've been able to open our windows the last few days and I enjoy the birdsong.