Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Favorite Flower

Every year I wait for these to bloom -

They make my kitchen smell AMAZING!

Today I will work at organizing more stuff. Hubby didn't have work yesterday so we moved some things to the attic from the bedroom we haven't been using. I bought more plastic bins to store some of Ellen's things that I had packed in boxes from the computer room. I'll put the bins in her closet. She likes to have her stuff close by. (she has lots of stuff which is precious to her, stuff that I will never understand why) We changed Ellen's bed to the daybed that was in the bedroom...she's ok with that. And we changed her dresser to a chest of drawers which takes up less room. (Ellen has the smallest bedroom) The dresser was moved to the attic too. 

Why are we working in this bedroom? Just in case Corey, Christy, Aidan and Zoe need to move in here while we continue to look for a home. Yes, it could happen. If they do move here, we must renovate that bedroom before they move in. Just in case, we are getting ready to roll......this may not be what we wanted, but if this is what we do, we will bless the Lord. 

Yes. We. Will!

It's gonna be a good day!


Theresa said...

Beautiful flowers:) I can almost smell them from Georgia! We do what we have to do for the family, don't we? Keep going dear friend! The family will all be together and that is the goal:) Have a blessed day sweet Doris, HUGS!

Anonymous said...

Such sweet blooms. I continue to remember you all in prayer.

Musicaljean said...

The lilac tree at the edge of our property is ready to burst any minute. Can't wait!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Always good to have a contingency plan, Doris, even if it isn't what you were originally hoping for.