Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ellen Dances up a Storm

Ellen had a great time! 
(and there really was a thunderstorm!)
As soon as she got home from school the primping began. After her shower, her sister Greta came to fix Ellen's hair and paint her fingernails. I painted Ellen's toes while Greta worked on the hair. We did all this in the family room so Ellen could watch TV (Family Feud!) to keep her from getting too antsy. I was so grateful for Greta's help this year!!

The Preparation - 

 The fun has begun!

 Greta painting Ellen's nails

 The back of Ellen's hair...
so pretty!
Thank you, Greta!!

 The Pre-Prom Pictures - 

 All ready for her fun night!
We found this dress at Penny's.
As soon as I saw it I was sure Ellen would love it.
She tried it on (the first one she tried)
and this was her dress.
She was sure as can be about that =)

 Yellow is her favorite color
and this dress suits her perfectly!
And, as one of my FB friends stated,
a perfect skirt for dancing =)

I found the hairband at Clair's.
I looked at many stores before deciding on this one.

The Prom at Bent Creek Country Club - 

 Ellen poses outside the entrance.
Just can't get over my pretty girl =)

 Picture at the photo booth...
each person attending was given a photo to take home with them.

Born to be Wild theme =)

Father, daughter =)

 Ellen was so excited to see her friend Ashley!
Ashley is now living in an apartment with two other girls.
Ashley goes directly from her apartment to CTC 
where she is taking Culinary classes,
so Ellen never sees her.
She is 21 and it's her last year of school. 
She is a delightful girl - and loves to dance as much as Ellen does!

 Ellen with her friend Ben.
Ben was is her classroom for many years
before both of them returned to their own school districts.
Ben is involved in many of the same activities as Ellen.

 Ellen with her friend Amber.
It was Amber's 16th birthday!

 This pretty lady is Ellen's teacher!
Ms Rossell came with her boy friend...
much to the kids delight =)
(that's two of her classmates on the left!)

We left our girl to enjoy herself. After picking up Gina at the mall where she had finished working, we headed to Outback for dinner. Greta and Lynn joined us for a delicious meal. We all had steak except Greta. She had her favorite Outback chicken meal. No dessert - we were way too full! Mary Ellen had invited us to stop in at her house while we waited to pick up Ellen. Dale looked at some repairs she has for him to do sometime. Then it was time to go get our girl!

The last couple of dances - 
We always enjoy going to see the last few dances.

Ellen dances with one of Ashley's room mates.

 Don't know who this is but he got a dance with Ellen as soon as she was free =)
Ellen's teacher told me she was quite popular with the boys!

This young man got to dance the last dance with Ellen.
I don't know his name but we see him at some of Ellen's activities.

On the way out, Ellen said her feet were killing her. I'm sure they were! She will not sit out any dance, hurting feet or not. I am so grateful for the time the IU puts into this special night for our special kids. Ellen loves it and so do we, her parents and family!


From the Kitchen said...

What a beautiful ray of sunshine Ellen is! I, too, think this special event is wonderful. Obviously Ellen and her friends think so too!

Enjoy your sweet family tomorrow!!


Musicaljean said...

Wow, wow, wow! That's all I can think to say as I sit here with joyful tears.

Mary Ellen said...

What a delight to see Ellen have a grand time - and to know the guys were eager to dance with her! Way to go Ellen! I could never say that!!!
Ellen is just so beautiful in that dress! And thanks for stopping at my house for an hour. This whole post spells "HAPPY"!!

Joanne said...

Ellen is a beautiful young lady, so glad she got to enjoy the prom.

Anonymous said...

Ellen looks beautiful in her yellow dress. What a great time everyone seems to have enjoyed. Thanks for sharing the photos and all the happy smiles with us.
Happy Mother's Day dear friend.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Happy Mother's Day to you, Doris. Hope it was a wonderful day for you and your family. Thanks for sharing Ellen's prom photos and she did look lovely in her yellow dress and matching nail color and hairband.

Annmarie Pipa said...

she looks beautiful!!! I love everything about this post!!!