Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Day

Sunday was a good day. In fact, it was a great day. Sometimes I almost hesitate to post about my great times. I would hate for anyone to think we only have great days around here! Believe me when I say, I have had some not so special Mother's Days. Young children, crazy days, no money for extras (well, that's how it still is!!), being a working Mom.... it all was part of my life for years and years. When you have 19 years between your oldest child and the youngest, it's years and years of crazy busy days. Many times the day to honor the Mother (me) was just another day of crazy ;-) All was, and is, good.....those times grow character!

Blessed to have the family with me on Mother's Day this year. By evening they all made it home. Marcy made a wonderful lasagna soup. It was so good! Brinley ate it like it was going to be her last meal, sweet little peanut. I made sausage-hash brown breakfast casserole and a banana cake and we had some homemade applesauce from the freezer. Corey wondered what to bring. I told him that I love chips (they are such a craving for me at times) so they brought 2 bags for our meal! One had sea salt and cracked black pepper on them...YUM!! Loved them! Aidan and Paityn wanted to make s'mores again so Pop Pop made a fire. We roasted marshmallows, assembled the s'more and headed inside to eat them....it was cold out there! Kim brought some ice cream, a staple for our Sunday gatherings. Yes it is...we can't imagine a Sunday with out it!

Dale and Ellen surprised me with this beautiful flower -

Not sure it will stay there
 but it surely is a bright spot on the porch for now!
We had to bring it inside the last two nights,
it was that cold.
29 degrees this morning!!

Kim and Andrew brought me these -

More flowers are opening all the time...I love them!
I really love fresh flowers =)

Gina knows how much I love the watch we gave her for Christmas. So she gave be a gift card to buy myself a new watch!

Greta told me she was bringing me something yesterday. She knows how much I loved the pedi I got before her wedding last year. It's something I would love to have on a regular basis but is certainly not in the budget for this time. Bless her, she gave me a gift certificate to get one!! I'll wait till June in hopes that my piggy toes will look their best for most of the summer. Can't wait. Gina suggested that she and Greta and I all get one at the same time. Now that sounds delightful!
 She  also made me a card -

Love it!


Here it is, Tuesday all ready! Aidan and Zoe will be with me this afternoon, yeah! 

Yesterday I was looking on the Internet at houses for sale. (we continue too be up in the air as to what the next step is in our move, so I keep looking) I came across a house in a nearby school district. In trying to find pictures, because there was only one listed, I found out the house had belonged to some locals who became quite famous in TV land. Too funny!! We may go to the open house on Sunday. I asked Greta is she thought the house would still bring people driving by since they no longer are on TV...she said if there are a lot of people at the Open House, that may indicate a level of continued curiosity. So true. The house has 5 bedrooms...that's why I clicked on the posting. So, if we do go see it, we really will be looking to see if it could be a fit for us. But, I confess, I would be going out of curiosity as well! Who wouldn't??

It's sunny and is now 59 degrees. Totally blows my mind, this cold spring we are having. Temps in the 70's tomorrow and going higher as the week progresses. My sweaters are not put away, neither is our heater in the family room...I got my blanket out again last evening that I use in the winter to keep me warm when I sit! 

Wishing you all a wonderful Tuesday!


Theresa said...

Sweet times with family, nothing sweeter! LOVE the flowers, card and gift of a pedicure:) That is SO precious! WE have similar views, it isn't that our lives are perfect... we just don't dwell on any of the bad! Have a blessed day with your little ones! BIG HUGS!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun time together on Sunday. These are the traditions that the whole family will always remember. I miss not having any family around for holidays/special occasions.
Wishing you a nice afternoon.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day, Doris, and the flowers were lovely.

Musicaljean said...

You'll have to clue me in about that house. I can't begin to imagine who from our area was famous on TV.

Sounds like a wonderful day. That pedi sounds the best of all!

Annmarie Pipa said...

how lovely! I hope my kids stay close!!!!!!
chips are my all time weakness...and the bags are getting smaller so I have to almost always get at lest 2!!!!
have a great day.

Granny said...

What a special Mother's Day, Doris! I remember past Mother's Days when money was very tight (and we only have 1 child!) and "doing something special" even was having a picnic at one of our local parks -- eating sandwiches, swinging, shewing away ants ... it's all in the perspective of just being grateful for our families. My wish is that other young moms & dads realize that their children will grow up before they know it -- and they really need to just cherish the moments they have with their little ones. Life can get hectic, chaotic & even messy -- but their little ones won't be little but just a short time.