Monday, January 14, 2013

An unusual week end

Not all of it was unusual. I did some cleaning. I washed dishes. I did lots of laundry. I didn't grocery shop - that was done earlier in the week. Sunday morning was church, that was usual.

The unusual part of our week end was eating out....twice. That may not be unusual for many, but it is for us! We don't eat out very often. Most of the out to eat around here is take out pizza or an occasional Mc Donald's meal.

Saturday found us at Country Table for dinner. We enjoyed our meal and paid for it with a gift card given to us from Hubs sister and Mother. Believe me, we felt so blessed! We even got goodies from the bake shop! My muffin tasted so good with my coffee on Sunday morning. Yum! Dale and Ellen each chose a huge chocolate whoopie pie. Gina used what was left on her gift card to purchase a peanut butter pie to share.

 It was my Sunday to sing with the worship team and staff the nursery on Sunday. There are still so many sick people at our church. Our Marcy and Scott stayed home. The kids are feeling better but not Marcy and Scott. I pray this week will be better for them. There were other families or parts of families missing too. Not many little ones in the Nursery.

We didn't get together for lunch as we usually do on a Sunday. Instead we ate out, again! Corey and Christy and kids had a birthday party to attend. We had a gift card to use at Outback and so did Greta and Lynn so that's where we ate. Yum! We enjoyed our meal then went home for a nap. I read till I got too sleepy. Hubs put a football game on TV and was soon snoring! Gina took a nap and Ellen did her usual - watching marching bands on the computer, playing solitaire, doing word searches.

Later Greta and Lynn and Christy and Corey and the kids came over for peanut butter pie. I also found some ice cream in the freezer, pulled out some pretzels and a bag of chips....we had dessert!

Today finds me with Aidan and Zoe, a usual Monday. They are having some fun.

Aidan says you must stick out your tongue while drawing a picture =)
Zoe says she wants a wet paper towel because
she wants to wash the board.

Aidan continues to draw a picture.
Zoe washes.
Aidan decides to join her.

Love the smile!
They had fun playing with this pillow.
Oh no, maybe the fun is not so much fun anymore!
Wishing you a wonderful Monday!


Musicaljean said...

We've been pretty lucky in the eating out department too. Last Tuesday we used a gift card from Frank to eat at Olive Garden, and on Sunday we ate at the Waffle Shop with Anthony and Lori.

Right now I'm smelling the ham, potatoes, and green beans that I put into the crock pot this morning. Yummm.

Theresa said...

We mostly get take-out instead of going out and we did that a couple of times! I know that there are SO many sick folks around these days! Our Church crowd was a little off too! Loved seeing those sweet little ones drawing and washing the chalk board! Enjoy your week dear friend, hope all of the family feels better soon! HUGS!


So glad you got two fun and delicious meals out ... and no dishes.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

When we are on road trips, eating out is a given, but when we are home, we do enjoy cooking. Also, there is not a lot of choices here for dining out, aside from a couple favorite Chinese restaurants and 1 Mexican. There are the usual fast food places like McDonald's and Burger King, but we avoid those. Outback is a favorite as, of course, is Panera...sadly none here.

Anonymous said...

It's such a pleasure to eat out occasionally. We rec'd gift card to Longhorn's Steaks and certainly enjoyed our meals. I sure hope everyone begins to feel better from the flu. Always fun to see Aidan and Zoe. Have a restful night. Tell Ellen Hi from me!