Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Grands

We will start with this big girl.........

Paityn lost her first tooth!
She is growing up way too fast.
Now on to Paityn's little sister -

Brinley is taking a liking to more foods,
her Mommy reports this week.
Yeah, Brinley!
She had been a picky eater but what she would eat
was really good for her.
From the youngest to almost the oldest....

This young man is leaving on a jet plane soon.....
with his Dad for a visit to his Dad's homeland,
Trinidad and Tobago!
It's Andrew's first trip there.
I know they will have a good time.
Manny has lots of relatives who will be thrilled
 to meet this handsome young man.
Kim will miss her men, for sure.
There were offers from her sibs
 to drop off some kids to keep her from getting too lonely
if need be =)
It's Aidan and Zoe's turn!
Yesterday we made brownies after dinner was prepared.
Aidan was thrilled to scoop out the sour cream.
Zoe did some stirring.
Aidan wanted to stir too.
Aidan and Zoe enjoyed some delicious warm brownies
 after eating all their dinner.
It's a cloudy and cold day today. I prefer sunny and warm days....oh well, we will see that again someday. Blessings!


Musicaljean said...

Such a cute, good-looking bunch of grands! Doesn't seem long at all that Andrew was the only one. It's hard to think of all our precious little ones growing up so fast!

Joanne said...

they are so adorable, what blessing grandchildren are

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your photos very much. A brownie would be delicious about now!

Theresa said...

So cute, litte ones losing teeth and picky eating:). Love seeing all of your sweeties!!! Have a blessed day dear friend. Hugs

Annmarie Pipa said...

you have some good looking people in your life!

Karen said...

What a great bunch of kids!! Enjoyed your photos today!