Thursday, December 27, 2012

It was a Merry One - part 2

After we opened our gifts, it was time to clean up and prepare for the next event.

We opened the table as far as it would go.

14 at this table
3 at the small plastic picnic table
we brought in for Aidan, Paityn and Zoe to sit at.

Our menu is almost always the same -
Martin's Rolls with butter and strawberry and blackberry jam
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Ham (added this year)
Baked Corn
Sour Cream Mashed Potatoes
Deviled Eggs
Cranberry Salad
Fruit Salad
Lots and Lots and Lots of Cookies
Peanut Butter Balls
Peanut Clusters (added this year)
Sherbet Punch
I lit the candles.....

And we waited to the troops to arrive Home =)
They came.
We gathered around the table.

Scott, always the funny guy =)
We laugh a lot!!
I didn't get a pic of the 'kids table'.
I think they enjoyed eating at their own space!
After eating, we must clear the table,
 put it back to the usual size and push it to the end of the room.
(here's hoping we have a house next Christmas where there is enough room
to eat in one space and gather for gifts in another space)
My sister Mary Ellen came to join us after dinner
She had spent the day at our nephew's home..
I'll throw in a few pictures she took...
she got some shots I didn't.
Looks like there's some fun happening here!
Aunt Nancy shows Zoe some pictures while waiting for gift time.
Grandma watches all the activity.
Brinley gets to open the first gift.
It's a giraffe riding toy from Nana and Pop Pop
(M. E. pic)
Zoe's turn!
(I never got to fixing the rip in the paper)
Nana, will you help me get it out of this box?
Zoe loves her baby bed and the baby.
She's already rocking the baby!

Aidan's turn!
He sees an Angry Bird....
Angry Bird game!
And slippers in the other gift.
Paityn finds a Barbie doll storage case in her big box.
Paityn and Zoe check out all the compartments.
Andrew found a Texas Longhorn's
T-shirt and lounge pants in his gift.
Nana said,
check the pocket...
He checked
and promptly put the $$ in his pocket =)
Brinley says,
We're not done yet!
Zoe models her new Princess duds =)
Gina gave her the dress and the rest came from others....
not sure who.
(M.E. pic)

Aidan and Paityn wrapped in their blankets...
again, not sure who gave them!
It's a zoo around here on Christmas Day =)
(M. E. pic)
The kids exchanged names. I didn't get many pictures of those gifts.
Gina had Ellen's name.
Gina bought her this dress.
(M. E. pic)
Kim had Gina's name
She got what she asked for plus another gift card for Starbucks!
Oh no, Scott had Lynn's name.
We know it's not just a wrapped item...
Scott would never do something that simple!
There were small gifts
each with a number.
He had to open them in order.
First one was a cookie....
made with all his 'favorite' ingredients!
All his least favorite, that is.....belly laughs galore!
The last one was an Amazon gift card.
Yeah, Scott!
Lynn and Greta had Corey and Christy's names
They got them a combined gift...
a gift card to Lily's on Main,
where Corey and Christy became engaged!

And, the gift included an offer to babysit....
Christy tells Aidan about that.
Aidan looks mighty pleased!
Kim got a sweater and scarf from Christy.
After all the gift giving
we had our 3rd annual
Now you Have it,
Now you Don't game.
What a crazy time we had!
I didn't get any pictures because I was calling numbers.
Poor Andrew thought he wasn't going to have his third number called...
it was the very last one!
Some of the gifts were so funny.
Look what I ended up with....
From Greta and Lynn!!!
I fell for their's last year too!
Paityn got an UNO game from Gina and really wanted to play it.
That was our was so special. But, was I ever a tired Mama when it was all over!! My bed felt pretty good that night.
The sun is shining today. It's still windy but not as cold. Today is Hubs birthday. He's taking some vacation days so he's working at home. Constantly repairing, fixing what has been waiting to be repaired. We hope to go to Ollies to look for carpet for a bedroom, then go to Outback for dinner. I bought gift cards from there to give the guys in our family...... and Outback gave us a $20 card because we did. Wasn't that nice of them?
Long post....congrats if you made it to the end =)


Maple Lane said...

Oh, I loved all the photos, Doris. So much fun to be surrounded by loving family and the joy of watching the little ones' excitement. Hope your husband has a nice birthday. Enjoy your dinner.

marcy said...

Great pictures! It was a great day. Wish Dad a very Happy Birthday from all of us!

Mary Ellen said...

I enjoyed every bit of the post, it wasn't too long. Scott's gift to Lynn was a hoot! Glad I could be there to see it.

Musicaljean said...

I made it to the end. Loved the pics and hearing all about it. Happy Birthday to Dale and Happy Anniversary to you two tomorrow!

Barb said...

Fun, fun day!! I loved hearing all about it. Such good memories!


What a busy, full home ... perfect.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Doris, THANKS for sharing your Christmas with all of us. It was great to see a large family having a wonderful time and the kids certainly enjoyed their gifts. We get to see the joy on our grandkids faces when we visit next week!
Happy Birthday to Dale and we do hope to see you both on our PA stop next week and Happy Anniversary as well!

Mollye said...

Whew........that WAS a long one. AND a very good one! What a happy time at your home. That is what Christmas is about - LOVE. Hope your day today is a restful and relaxing one. and,.....Happy Birthday to Hubby!

Theresa said...

I made it to the end and I am so happy to visit with you! Your family and my family ONE in the same:) I feel like I could drag up a chair and feel like one of you! Have a blessed weekend dear friend, hope you get some rest! HUGS!