Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It was a Merry One!

Here I sit, the day after Christmas, in my new purple bathrobe and it's 10:15 in the morning! I slept late today, something I almost never do.

Since I've not posted often this month, I have loads of pictures I haven't posted. Where to start??

 Christmas Day, of course!!

I made a breakfast of sticky buns and a sausage and egg dish from recipes found on Pinterest. They both were yummy! We opened gifts with the two children who live here. Even though our daughters are 18 and 23, they are excited about Christmas morning =)

Ellen opens her first gift.

A new DS!

Gina knew some of what she was getting,
not this one!

She was surprised to find clothes...
a pair of pants, a green top, a red sweater,
and a summer blue top that was on clearance
 (+ an extra 30% off)
 and I couldn't resist =)

Dale gets a new Bible and gloves
from Ellen and Gina.

Ellen loves the color yellow!

Gina knows what this gift is!

A watch!

Dale tries on his new coat.

Ellen also loves the color orange!
This one is from Gina.

Ellen gives her gift to Gina.

A Starbucks gift card =)

My gifts...
purple robe, purse, and a Sephora gift card.

I wrapped a robe for a customer that I just didn't want to stop touching.
It was sooooo soft.
Later, when Gina and I were shopping,
I decided to see if I could find that robe.
I found it, I tried it on, I loved it.

I got it for Christmas =)

I will post more pictures tomorrow......guess I should get dressed now. Seriously, this robe is so comfortable, I don't want to get dressed!!

Enjoy your day! It's snowing again. It's not to accumulate much before it turns to rain, so they say. Hoping for clear roads when I need to pick up Gina at work. I'm a nervous winter driver!


Anonymous said...

What fun pictures. Looks like you all got some great presents. I love Ellen's orange and yellow shirts and Gina's watch is great. Hoping your driving conditions won't get too bad. We have had 6 inches of rain in a few days and it is windy today.

Musicaljean said...

It's still snowing up here. So beautiful. But I haven't had to drive anywhere either.

Love the pictures of the girls getting their gifts. Your robe sounds wonderful.

Theresa said...

What a wonderful bunch of smiles at your house:) I saw that NYC shirt and loved it! I have a comfy robe too and can't wait to keep it on longer in the morning! I had to get out today for my Aunt's Funeral! Have a blessed evening dear friend BIG HUGS~)

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Doris, I know what you mean about a comfy robe and especially a purple one, also my favorite color. Mine is a thick terry cloth one and I can't wait until cooler weather comes so I can start wearing it again! Looks like your household had a wonderful Christmas morning. Our was very quiet until friends came for dinner. The best part of our day was a video chat with the grandkids in RI and we look forward to seeing them next week!

Mollye said...

Hi Doris, A Blessing for me this Christmas was having you visit me ! Yes, it's true how much I've misssed my sweet and loving friends. Well as for your bathrobe...I'd be in it until 3:30 which is exactly 20 min. before Mike gets home from work. I am doing the same with a new nightgown he got me. It's an Eileen West which are so luxuriously comfy, off-white with long deep ruffle. Very prarrie girl style. LOL...and it's cold here but no snow. Your girls are beautiful and radiate Christ...both of them. So glad to be back. Talk later XOXOX