Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Programs

What would the Christmas season be with out a program or two? We were blessed two times this year!

Aidan's pre-school gave a wonderful program at the church where they meet. Zoe didn't participate because the 2 year old class didn't take part....but, did she ever want to!!

Photos aren't the best....they were taken with my phone.

We give presents, we give presents
to our family
on Christmas Day.
Oh my, so much cuteness!!
Did you hear Zoe ask if I'm taking a picture?

Can you see Aidan?

Program over...
proud little guy =)
Notice Zoe waving as he goes by.

Zoe watches her brother walk out.

Mommy says,
Good job, Aidan!

Time for snacks!
Aidan loves cookies!
There was also a program at church given by the children. They did a wonderful job!
The last song was sung by the whole congregation -
Come On, Ring those bells. Light the Christmas Tree.....
Bells were given to ring while singing.
Zoe got her chance to be up front....
She loved that!!
I have two videos to share just as soon as I can figure out how to get them off my camera.
 One is a song which Paityn and another girl sing together.
 The other is Zoe ringing those bells!
Both are sooooo cute!
Pretty Paityn enjoying some Birthday Cake for Jesus
after the service.

Zoe loves a snack too =)
One more picture to share.
This is December 28, 1973 -

Yes, 39 years ago we became Mr. and Mrs.
He turned 20 the day before the big day.
She was still 19.
Kids, we were!
Just two that day.
Now there is...
Kimberly married to Manny. Grandson Andrew and step-granddaughter Laurencia
Marcy married to Scott. Granddaughters Paityn and Brinley
Corey married to Christy. Grandson Aidan and granddaughter Zoe
Greta married to Lynn
We are a bunch and we LOVE it that way!
Blessings to you, my readers, today!
It's snowing in PA today. Third time this week!



Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! The video of Aidan singing is so sweet and I love that Zoe waved to him as he passed by. Paityn looks very festive in her red dress. When I was 18 - 22, I played piano for the young children's choirs at church. This brought back sweet, cherished memories of those days. Blessings to each member of your sweet family.

Musicaljean said...

Before you know it, Zoe will be taking center stage!!

Great pictures!

Theresa said...

Oh what a sweet sound of little children singing! I enjoy these little programs SO much! They work really hard to get it just right, and they did! Love that picture of you and the Mr. on that special day! The beginning of a long life of LOVE and a huge family:) Have a blessed day dear Doris, BIG HUGS!