Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gifts, Haircut, Grands


Ah yes, gifts. Lots and lots of gifts! I wrapped and wrapped and wrapped. We were really busy today! This morning I called the next number to be served. A gentleman walked up to my wrapping station and said I would be sorry I got him! He was sure I would think he had too many things to be wrapped. I was not sorry. Yes, he had quite a few items. But as I wrapped, we chatted and before I knew it they were all looking pretty good! I heard about trips they take during Christmas week and why. I think he said they will spend Christmas in New Orleans this year. Another gentleman came twice to have gifts wrapped. He lives near the Exton Mall but shops at Park City because Boscov's has a larger selection here. He purchased 2 dressy outfits for his wife. I was soooo impressed! Later he brought some sweatshirts to be wrapped. He told me they are planning a trip to Hawaii in April and the dressy outfits are for that trip. We talked about all the wonderful places they have visited.....Grand Canyon, Yellowstone.....we both agreed that we live in a beautiful country. 

I'm having a great time wrapping gifts! If only I would get to mine. Let me tell you, after five hours of wrapping, wrapping and more wrapping, I am one tired lady!!


I needed a haircut so badly. It was getting long and rather unruly. My bangs were in my eyes and it was making me feel grumpy! Today was finally the day. I went right after work and Jess went to work on my mop. I felt 10 pounds lighter!


After my haircut, I went back to the mall. Gina worked till 5. I did a bit of shopping. From the mall it was to Aidan and Zoe's house to get them and bring them here. Modern Eyes, the eye glasses business Christy works for is having a party tonight. They sold $25 tickets to attend. That ticket got you a frame, food, drinks and music at the party. They were also giving out some awesome door prizes. For every pair of glasses sold, they provide a free pair for a kid in need. This is a very generous business. Christy spent her day preparing for the party. Corey went too and took Gina.

So, that's why we have Aidan and Zoe tonight. I stopped at Mc D's for was that kind of day! We enjoyed seeing all the Christmas lights during the drive from their house to Mc D's and to our house. Aidan especially enjoyed the car that's covered in lights! I hope to get a picture of it sometime.

That was my day. Hope you had a good one too!



Your day sounds deliciously busy and fun.

I always wait just a bit too long before I schedule a hair cut ... then it is too late.


Theresa said...

Oh my goodness, you made me tired and I just got up:) I can't imagine how tired you are after wrapping gifts all day, OH YES I CAN... I did it all day but just for one day:) I have another full day ahead for wrapping! I bet you have some wonderful conversations. Sweet of those gentlemen to put thought into shopping for their wives! Have a blessed day dear Doris, HUGS!

Anonymous said...

I had a haircut this week too. I always feel so much better afterwards. We drove thru our neighborhood to enjoy Christmas lights last night and we, too, have seen two cars strung with lights!
Have a nice weekend.

Musicaljean said...

I'm so glad you have fun while gift-wrapping. It sounds so tiring to me. Besides I hate wrapping. Dick has always been our gift wrapper. We often used to talk about him getting a part-time job doing that over Christmas. He would certainly enjoy the talking part!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Your gift wrapping job sounds like a wonderful way to enjoy the holiday season by sharing in the joy of so many people's holiday. Just got my last haircut of the year last week and yes it is a good feeling. Sadly, folks around these parts do not decorate like the homes owners in our native NJ. Our smaller tree (this year) is up and decorated and we are enjoying it nightly.