Tuesday, December 4, 2012

We said Goodby

Remember when I posted this photo card in June?
This is the couple I spent time with from September 2011 - April 2012.
Ruth passed in June.
Morris passed last week.

They were such a connected couple.
The day after Pap (what everyone called Morris who knew him well)
left this earth, their daughter posted a picture of them
on Facebook with this caption -
Together Again.

I went to greet the family before the service Sunday afternoon.
It was a blessing for Pap to go to Heaven.
He loved his Jesus. He loved his Ruth.
But will he ever be missed!

I loved how he would go to the frig, usually in the afternoon,
open the freezer and pull out a box of ice cream.
Go to the drawer, pull out a spoon and eat the ice cream
right out of the box =)

He would also spend time in his office, moving his mug collection around.
He loved to watch the Great Grands play in the back yard.
He would watch from the kitchen window,
chuckle and shake his head at their endless energy.

Oh how he loved that little dog which belonged to those little boys!
He became more verbal after that dog came to live in their basement.
(with the boys and their parents)

Pap loved order.
He liked the family pictures on the frig to be in a certain order.
He liked the items on the counter to be just so.
He especially liked the little plastic cow to be placed by the
sink facet...if it wasn't in the correct position,
he would put it where he deemed best!
I nearly lost it when I noticed that little plastic cow
tucked safely in his hands on Sunday afternoon.
How very precious!

I loved this man.
When I began staying with them, I was a stranger to him.
(even though he would have known me at one time)
He would look to Ruth to understand why I was there.
It wasn't long till I saw recognition in his eyes when I came.
I belonged.
What a wonderful feeling!

Blessings to the Ressler family as they grieve the loss of their Dad,
Grandfather and Great- Grandfather.
You have given much to provide honor and dignity to your parents.
God Bless You!


Anonymous said...

A lovely tribute to this precious couple. I know they and their children feel very blessed to have had you in their lives. May God bless each of you during this time of loss.

Barb said...

A wonderful tribute to two great people! How nice that you could spend time with and assist them in their senior years.

Musicaljean said...

Beautiful tribute, Doris. Wow, so many of our parents' generation are moving on. And we are too quickly becoming the older generation. Yikes.


Ah ... seasoned love. What a beautiful things.


Theresa said...

Sweet memories of love:) I know your heart hurts but rejoicing at the same time that you will see them again someday! Love, hugs and prayers!

Mary Ellen said...

Doris, this is a beautiful tribute, I looked for you on Sunday but didn't see you. I wondered about the cow in his hand, I was sure it had a good story. The service was a beautiful tribute to Morris (and Ruth). As we were ushered out, we all received Morris' favorite Christmas tread - graham crackers with peanut butter between the two cracker, and covered in chocolate. Mary and I each ate one of our 2 pieces as soon as we got to her house. It was soo good.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Doris, this was a beautiful tribute to a couple who loved each other very much and are not reunited.