Monday, December 10, 2012

Ellen gets a Haircut

Ellen needed a haircut. It was so long and she doesn't like when the brush pulls as I try getting knots out. My Saturday was pretty full but we got that haircut anyway. Mastercuts at the mall was the place....they weren't busy.  Ellen didn't have to wait, a very good thing!

Look at all that hair on the floor!
Ellen said, Oh Mom,
when I snapped this pic =)
Haircut finished.
Now, it's on to the style.
And where is that picture?
Sadly, it was never taken =(
The stylist made little braids on the sides,
styled the top
and curled the ends.
It looked so cute!
We shopped at Kohl's where we found her a pair of boots
to replace the old ones worn through to her toes.
We stopped at the Food Court for something to eat.
Of course we did. Ellen must have that!
We shopped at Penney's for some gifts.
I had a $15 coupon to use.
We had fun!
It's a rainy, foggy, damp, cold day today. We don't keep our house toasty warm because heating oil is too expensive. I have a very hard time feeling positive on days like today. At least Aidan and Zoe are here which provides plenty of smiles.
Zoe wanted some yogurt and needed a spoon. I asked Aidan to please get a spoon for Zoe. He did. Zoe was so happy he helped her. She said "Aidan cute. He beautiful. Aidan a beautiful boy!"
Oh, sweet Zoe. She never ceases to make me smile!
Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

I know Ellen's hair is cute. Glad you had fun at the mall.
We are having rain today and it is so nasty! Good day to stay in.
That's sweet about Zoe and Aidan.
Have a good night.

Musicaljean said...

Oh, that Zoe is too precious!!! I would love to see a picture of Ellen's hair even if it's not done up like the hairdresser did it. Destiny really likes her shorter hair. I finally go for my appt. tomorrow.

It's a very dreary day here too. One of these days the sun has to shine!


A full and fun time at your house.


Theresa said...

I bet Ellen looked beautiful:) Sweet little Zoe, precious little words! It is rainy here today too! NOT cold but I think it may get a bit cooler after the front passes by! Have a blessed evening dear friend, BIG HUGS!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Same weather here continuing from the weekend, but very warm temps - 60s when we woke up. We also keep our house thermostat set lower and wear sweats and wrap a fleecy blanket around to keep warm while reading or watching a movie - nice and snuggly. And, of course saving $ is another good reason! We just watched the Preacher's Wife last week (remake of the classic The Bishop's Wife) after adding it to our holiday movie collection this year.

Annmarie Pipa said...

oh..that rain on Monday was so dreary!! none of my kids still to this day have ever been to a husband cuts the boys hair and the girls cut each others..I got my first groupon for a hair stylist...didn't use it yet, but will!! that is one way we save $.