Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday Night

It's been a few days since I wrote a post. Thought I should check in to let you know I'm still here!

It's Saturday night and Aidan and Zoe are here. Their parents are taking an evening out, something they don't do often. We watched a movie, we ate pizza, we read lots and lots of books. I also cleaned today and did some laundry and made food for tomorrow. The Fahnestock family will be getting together to celebrate an early Thanksgiving and to also celebrate Mother's 92 birthday!

 And we said goodby to a piece of furniture, the pine hutch which was one of the few pieces we bought new as a young married couple. It served us well. I knew it would be something we wouldn't take with us when we move. I decided to give it to someone who could use it. Our church had a Free Clothing Give-Away today. It was my intent to take the hutch to church to be given away. I know, it's not an article of clothing!  But, it took me too long to get everything out of it and packed. So, I took a picture to church to post. Sure enough, I got a call! A lovely couple with a child came to pick it up. She said it was for someone who doesn't have furniture, he mentioned something about their son having lots of toys....I don't care if they keep it or give it away. I had another call for it too. I took her number. She would be interested in any furniture we may be getting rid of before we move.

Why give away rather then sell? Because what we have is functional but not valuable. Most of our furniture was either given to us or purchased at household auctions and thrift stores. We have a few pieces that may have value other than sentimental value. We give because there are so many in need. So, so many in need.

Blessings to you, my friends!


Anonymous said...

I know you and the babies had a good time eating pizza and watching movies and reading.
Like you, we "found homes" for many items when we downsized. Some things were just too sentimental and I wanted to make sure that they went to a place where they were truly treasured.
Glad you have the name of someone who might be interested in taking more at a later date.
Wishing your Mom a wonderful birthday and Happy Thanksgiving to your sweet family.

Theresa said...

Oh what a fun evening with the little ones:) I bet they gave and received many smiles!

I think it is wonderful to give things away! We are cleaning clothes out and taking them to Goodwill. I have lots of family members that snap up any furniture that gets given away around here:)

Have a blessed Sunday Evening! Can't wait to hear about your Thanksgiving/Mother's 92nd Birthday party! HUGS!

Annmarie Pipa said...

thank you for your example of kindness to others..we donate too...I have 5 beautiful kitchen chairs going to The Silence of Mary Home ( a home for homeless families) tomorrow..