Monday, November 12, 2012

A 4 yr. old learns a hard lesson

Lesson learned today -
There are consequences when making bad choices.

Aidan got very upset this morning when Zoe chose a show he.did. He was given the chance to make a good choice - stop fussing and get a chance to choose the next time. Instead, he got more upset, threw a real fit and Mommy took all shows away for today. He rarely gets that upset so it seems so shocking when it happens.

After we came to my house, we looked at recipes on my computer to see what dessert we could make. He wanted to bake something different than chocolate cupcakes. We looked at several things and chose chocolate chip whoopie pies with strawberry filling. We baked the cookies. We mixed up the filling. It was not stiff enough and we used all the confectioner sugar I had. So, to the store I went. (Gina was home so I could do that with out children) We finished up the filling. I filled half the cookies and used the rest of them to make 2 cookies into a whoopie pie.

I was in the kitchen making dinner when I heard a crash and breaking glass. OH NO!!

Aidan had thrown a ball which hit some champagne glasses which were on the table. (the glasses belong to our 2 oldest daughters.....prom memento's. I had taken them out of the hutch to be given to them) The cookies were also on the table. You guessed it, there was glass on the cookies.

Aidan cried and cried. He watched as I threw the cookies in the trash can. He was upset, I was upset. He was so sad that we wouldn't be eating the whoopie pies. It was another hard lesson learned. We do not throw balls in the house. Ever.

We will make more tomorrow.

He told me this afternoon that it's so boring without shows.

Hard way to learn hard lessons. But, I doubt this will be the last time. Little boys will learn some things over and over because .....

Boys will be boys!


Theresa said...

OH NO, no cookies and broken glasses:( add in an unhappy little one... BOO HOO! I know that was a lesson he won't soon forget, make that two lessons!

BIG HUGS to you dear friend!

Maple Lane said...

I'm sorry for you and for Aidan. Maybe tomorrow will go much better.

Musicaljean said...

Oh my. These little boys. Austin can't figure out why he can't have equal say on how things go.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

This just didn't seem to be Aidan's day, but then ewe have all had days like his. Hope the week gets better for everyone.

Granny said...

I believe it's probably tougher on us Grannys to see our little grands learn these lessons than it actually is on them... I know it is when Lucy learns the hard way. Their little hearts break and our bigger hearts hurt for them. My daughter often reminds me that she had her hard lessons to learn & we allowed her to learn them... I tell her that it's different when it's the grands... Love their little hearts.

Mary Ellen said...

What a hard day for Aidan. Hopefully tomorrow will go better, and he'll remember the lessons learned. I hope he can get a good night of sleep. Did you tell Aidan we grew up with out TV?!

Doris said...

Granny, don't you know it! It is so much harder to let the Grandchildren learn the hard way!!

My post sounds like all we do is watch shows on a good day. I should state that we don't! There are times when it's good for me to have them involed in something that keeps their attention and give me a break. Of course, because Aidan couldn't watch anything, that's all he could think about. Plus the tragic event with the cookies made it worse. Tough day, for sure!