Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Because it's that kind of day!
  • I voted today. Went around 11 and walked right up and voted. For other Presidential elections, I was a working lady and had to vote before or after work. I would stand in long lines. What a difference when I can go in the middle of the day =)
  • We had blue skies and sunshine! Had. It's now clouding over. I was so excited about the sun. Ok, it's clearing again and I'm seeing more blue  =)
  • I almost brushed my teeth, once, with my Mary Kay face cleanser. I thought it was terrible that I could actually get the two confused. Well....
  • Last week I did it. I put my Mary Kay on my tooth brush and started to brush my teeth. I paused because it seemed different, wasn't minty. Then I realized what I did! OH.MY.WORD!!
  • Wanna know what distracted me? I leaned forward just a bit to pick up the toothpaste, or start the water, or something. As I did that, I noticed all the silver at the top of my head which was reflected in the mirror! Wow, it's really silver!!! And, the rest is history.
  • I think I'm still ok with letting my hair go natural.....
  • I was washing dishes a while ago and was thinking how quiet the phone is today. Just like that, it rang. Yep, yet another political robo call.
  • I was planning tablescapes this morning for the Women's Christmas Brunch at church. What fun!
  • I had a carton of Cashew Carrot Ginger soup in my pantry for months. I warmed some for my lunch today. Oh my word, it is so good! I paid 99 cents for it at the local discount grocery.  Wish I had tried it sooner so I could get more!
  • Talking about bargains. Last week Gina and I went to the outlet stores in Lancaster. She needed clothes for work. We decided to check out QVC. Did I ever hit the jackpot there! I have bought very few clothes in the last 2 and a half years since I've been unemployed. QVC outlet was having a 75% off sale on clothing. I got 2 tops, a sweater, and a shapewear top - Spanx, mind you - all for less than $38! The Spanx alone was priced at $49.50....I was so thrilled! Gina found a pair of Khaki pants at VF, a top at QVC ($4!) and shoes at Sketcher outlet. We had a late lunch at Chick-fil-a and stopped at Target before heading home. Fun day!!
  • One thing for sure, we will need a chalkboard at our next home. Our Grands draw on it every time they're here. Aidan and Zoe also love to erase it with wet paper towels. Our chalkboard is just chalkboard paint on a wall.
  • Are you wondering about our next house? So are we! No action. sigh
That's it for today. Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday....get out there and vote!


Theresa said...

OH Doris, I had to giggle about brushing you teeth with the wrong thing:) Too funny, only because I have done the same thing!

I did early voting a few weeks ago, but I sure remember having to vote with long lines while working! The robo calls have eased up here today and I am SO thankful for that! I seldom even answer my home phone because that is the only time it rings:)

A lady at my Church has let her hair go grey, it looks really good on her but I will keep coloring mine!

Enjoy your evening dear friend, BIG HUGS and thanks for the smiles!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

We voted early as we knew we would be out of state on Election Day. Glad those robs political calls will be ending. Enjoyed seeing the birthday party photos and Halloween ones as well. Hope everyone will be safe with this next storm coming. My family and friends are still dealing with outages in NJ.

Musicaljean said...

That QVC outlet sounds amazing! Wish I were closer to it.

The soup sounds good too.

Anonymous said...

I let my hair go silver about 4 years ago after mama died. I love the ease of letting it go natural.
Your soup and your QVC bargains sound great.
I am praying for your forever home. God has a plan!