Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Dr. Corey worked hard on my ailing computer. It's back to working just fine again.....Whoo-Hoo!!

I guess it wasn't as bad as it could have been....I didn't lose anything. But Corey worked long and hard to find and recover files. Oh my.

Pinterest, how I love it. But, I was on that site when my computer went haywire. Makes me a little leery to click back to an original website to get details for a recipe or craft I'm interested in. Of course, I'm not certain if that was the entry point of the problem or not.....


We are having a beautiful week. The sunrise today was just gorgeous. I was going to snap a pic after Ellen got on the bus but....I sat down to read the newspaper and forgot all about my plan! Sometimes I have such a short attention span....such flittin' from one thing to the next =)


I have pictures of the Grands from the Farm Show last week. I love family, I love watching them have a great time!

Aidan was being silly.
He pulled his hat down over his eyes when he saw me with the camera...
Aidan, you look very scary!!
His cousin, Gavin, watches.

Paityn and Zoe have a conversation.
I think it went like this...
"Do you want to go see the animals?
I want to see the cows and bunnies and pigs.
Let's see if Pop Pop will take us, ok?"
Sweet Littles!
Look at Nana, Brinley!
Meanwhile, Ellen digs into the fries.

After filling our bellies, we head to the fun part -
the animals and the kids play area.........

Aidan and Paityn take a turn with the scooper thingies.
Scott gives Paityn some tips on how it's done.
They loved this!
Zoe found the corn table with the tractors and wagons
to be her choice for fun!
Where's Ellen?
There she is.
Her face says it all.....
Ellen loves these bunnies!
Sweet Brinley watches the fun.
I  know what she is thinking...
Next year I will be up and moving and.....

It was a good week. We enjoyed the fun and the food. BUT, this week it's a lot of salads, no bread, no fried anything for me!

Wishing you a fabulous Wednesday!


Theresa said...

What a fun time and a YIPPEEEEE on getting the computer fixed! I miss you when you are away:) Have a blessed day my friend, BIG HUGS!

Anonymous said...

So happy about your computer. Love your photos. Looks like everyone had fun. Brinley is growing so fast! I'm with Ellen, I love french fries!
I was bad yesterday and bought ONE fried apple pie at the market. I could have eaten FIVE!
Glad to have you back. Love and prayers to you and yours.