Thursday, October 18, 2012


Because it's that kind of day!

  • When Christy brings Gina home from work after closing (they both work at the mall, different stores) she sometimes brings goodies from other stores. Christy works in the center of the mall. They have great relationships with other stores....the stores give leftovers or slightly damaged goods to them. Sometimes it's Cinnabon pieces in a neat blue cup (I guess they sell them like that, I don't know cause I avoid that good smelling store!!) and sometimes it's loose tea from Teavana. Oh my goodness, the latest tea is called Superfruit Unity.
  • I don't care for vehicles riding my bumper. Why would someone think it's ok?? Can't be because I drive like a slow poke cause I don't. And it's not just big burly guys driving loud pickup trucks. It's also soccer moms driving mini vans. What's up with that?
  • Zoe uses the potty sometimes. She doesn't usually 'go' but she sits. I sit on the little stool while she sits on the throne and we talk. One day she said "I two. How old you, Nana?" I answered that I'm 58. She wrinkled her brow and asked "fifty-eight"?? I don't think she could even comprehend being that old!!
  • I think of things to write on random posts as I go about my day. Now that I'm writing, I'm having a hard time remembering what they were! (maybe it's because I'm 58!!)
  • Honey Boo Boo - I only watched this show briefly one time. I felt like a Peeking Tom and changed the channel. Something felt so wrong about that show. The other day I saw the Mom and child on the Today Show. (only saw part of the interview) When asked to the Mom if she thinks people are laughing at them, she said she thinks people are laughing at them but they are laughing too. OK. Still feels wrong. That little girl is way too sassy and she has a huge audience who thinks it's funny. It's a train wreck - just saying.
  • I've had enough of this election. My mind is made up and I will vote. I get so many political phone messages and they are irritating me. Also, won't the Christmas toy commercials seem like a blessing this year?
  • I was going to make an apple cake with Aidan and Zoe the other day. But Aidan was naughty before getting here and had dessert taken away. We will bake it tomorrow, I hope!
  • Ina is making a very good looking salad on her show right now.Will have to look up that recipe. Oh, yum!
  • Had a hair cut this morning. Love!
  • Stopped at Tuesday Morning after my appointment to 'look'. I bought some napkins for the Women's Christmas Brunch at church. It's that time again! Yes it is.
  • I hope to remember to take my camera with me one of these days so I can snap some photos of the beautiful trees I see when I take Gina to work. Such beautiful reds!  
  • Girls Night Out tonight - yeah! Can't wait!
  • I can change the header pic on my blog but nothing else. Not sure why it will no longer work....been trying for months!
Have a great day. Random days are good days too!


Musicaljean said...

Okay, now I'm curious. Last time I changed my header picture I couldn't change my background color, etc. I forgot all about it and haven't tried since. Hmmmm.

From the Kitchen said...

Love your header! I watched Honey Boo Boo once because I was curious. The little girl has a very sassy mouth and her elders seem to think it's funny. I'm actually not for any of those children being dressed up like adults and paraded about. There is nothing more endearing than a child in their sweet naturalness!! No make-up, false teeth, suggestive outfits, etc!


Mary Ellen said...

I enjoyed your post. Header is lovely too. Bad behavior on TV, seen as normal, urks me too. It is not wonder our world if full on self-centered, discourteous behavior.

I hate someone was on your bumper. Sometimes I think it is our Buicks. Cars pull out in front of me way too close sometimes. Just because we drive Buicks doesn't mean we are old or are slow drivers!!

Theresa said...

Oh GIRL, I don't watch Honey Boo Boo:) I have heard about that show but have NOT watched it!

I have had enough of the election! I went and early voted a couple of days ago! I am DONE with it:)

Happy you are having Girl's night out! FUN, FUN, FUN!

Have a blessed evening, BIG HUGS!


Your October header is so pretty. And I enjoyed your random bits.

Granny said...

LOVE your randoms & your fall header :) Life gets pretty random in our household everyday ... and we just roll with the flow :) I would say that Christy & Gina work at the best places if they can bring home goodies ... oh my the Cinnabon & Teavana would be heaven on earth! And I agree about the election ... already made my decision & looking forward to voting!

Have a blessed weekend!