Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Random Wednesday

Random Wednesday...because it seems to fit the day =)

  • I have a bunch of groceries to put away. Christy took Gina and me along to a discount grocery called B B's. Love their prices!
  • Just love, love, love,hearing Zoe say "I like you...I uv you Nana". Makes my heart go pitter-patter =)
  • Women's ministry meeting tonight at church. Shirley (a friend from church) and I have been reading together the book we are studying. She came over this morning. We only have a few more chapters to read. We are doing a Beth Moore book study called, So Long Insecurity. I am really blessed by Beth Moore's ministry. What a gifted speaker and writer!
  • Aidan learned....Stop, Drop, and Roll in pre-school this week. They had some fire fighters come to speak to them. He loved it!!
  • Zoe thinks my snacks are better than the ones at her house.....they may be the same stuff  but they taste better at Nana's. She's so cute!
  • I got my car back!!!! Been driving it all around town since Friday and it's working fine =) Did that car ever give the shop a few headaches!
  • Many years we only see a fireworks show at July 4th. This year we saw about 5 shows, the latest on Saturday night in Manheim. Our town is celebrating a birthday (250, I think) and they put off a wonderful show! It was awesome!
  • Yesterday would have been my Mother's birthday. I'm not certain how old she would have been. I could look it up but it would only be a number (I'm guessing 89). What's really important is to remember the remarkable woman she was. She was taken too soon, in my opinion. She was only 59. How I thank God for my Mom!
  • Ellen only has 2 more Saturday morning's to cheer. How can that be???
  • It rained buckets yesterday. Today it's damp, muggy and yuck. The sun tried to show it's face but didn't quite make it.
  • Our local Farm Show is next week!!! We go every evening to eat. I will try to eat things that are good for me. Sure I will ;-)
  • Aidan is allergic, very allergic, to dust! Not any food, but, dust!! This will surely be a challenge.
  • At least we now know. As we look for a new house, we will know what needs to be put in place to minimize the triggers.
  • Ellen is watching a movie this afternoon. Mostly because we took the computer away from her for 2 days. It will have some rough moments but was necessary. Right now she is giggling at Princess Diaries 2.
  • I've been blessed by some blog posts recently concerning special needs kids. Being the Mom of Ellen is special but not without some heart tugs and, I confess, worry. It's hard to put my daughter out there where people may not understand her. I'm trying not to pull the Mother strings too tightly so she can fly as she's ready. Oh, Lord!
That's enough rambling for today. Have a great Wednesday!


Theresa said...

Girlie, that's a lot of stuff going on up there. My husband was allergic to dust too. He got allergy shots for years and doesn't have problems any more. We are having one of those busy weeks. We are constantly on the go:)

Your Mama was younger than mine when she left you. Way too young. I know you miss her just like I miss mine.

Glad you got your car back. Enjoy your evening dear friend. Big hugs.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Doris, lots of interesting tidbits in this post about what you and the family have been doing. Fireworks and Farm Show sound like things we would go to enjoy as well. How is your house hunting been going? Ours is still on the market, things are teribly slow here.

Mary Ellen said...

Your ramblings are very interesting. I love reading your blog. Glad your Buick is doing good.

Musicaljean said...

Manheim Farmshow.... I hate missing out on that. I guess they certainly had a warm evening for the parade!

Would you believe I have never done a Beth Moore Bible study? I need to change that one of these years.

Annmarie Pipa said...

your fun busy life....although, I get mad at my kids when they say the same snacks that we have taste better at their friends house..hahah!
have a good evening!

Anonymous said...

Hi Doris, I enjoyed your post and catching up with you very much. Glad they have figured out Aidan's allergies. Perhaps the timing is perfect now to find just the "right" house. I am still praying.
God bless you all. Love you, M