Monday, October 8, 2012

Farm Show Food

This is the week my family has enjoyed for many years....for as long as they have been alive! We have taken them to the Manheim Farm Show as babies, as toddlers, as young children, as pre-teens, as teenagers, as.....I'm sure you get the picture! We even went the year Gina and Greta were only about 2 weeks old!

At the farm show we see lots of family and friends. Love that! But the big draw? The food, of course! So much yummy food. My favorite is a NY style sub sandwich. I get one on Tuesday night and again later in the week. (want to know why Tuesday? I have found that if I get one the first day, they aren't as good. Till the second day, they have made enough to have it down pat!) We also love the french fries. They are cut fresh, fried right away and delivered hot. Yum! Another biggie is the milkshakes. The line is always very long but no one seems to care. They are that good! I also love the chicken breast salad, baked sweet potatoes, and walking tacos. The steak sandwiches are awesome as is the grilled chicken breast sandwich (Greta's favorite). Good soup too. Ellen has a slice of pizza every night. Funnel cakes are good....I will share one (I only get one!) with someone, cannot eat a whole one by myself!

You will find us at the Farm Show every evening for dinner this week. My kitchen is closed, as it has been during this week for more years than I can remember. Love it!

Have a happy week!


Maple Lane said...

I remember how much you guys love the food at the fair. It's nice to have a break from preparing meals and it all sounds so delicious, especially the sandwich! Have a great time!

Theresa said...

Yum, I wanna go:) Enjoy your farm show dear friend, HUGS


Fun tradition.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Doris, this event sounds just like the ones we enjoy attending. Just maybe we will include it in our travel plans next year. Hope you will be sure to remind us of its coming because it sounds like a lot of fun times and good food.

Doris said...

Bea, absolutely! Would love to have you here for farm show week. This is truly a Farm Show..... Not like the typical fair. We only have a few dinky rides and not a single game booth to be found.