Monday, October 1, 2012

Remembering a wonderful man

Today my family is remembering a wonderful man, our Dad. Three years ago he left his hurting body and went to be with Jesus. I know that is where he is! He loved the Lord with his whole heart. He spent time studying the Bible. One of my best childhood memories is hearing Daddy get up very early in the morning, going downstairs to make coffee, hearing him go back upstairs to his study and shut the door. We all knew he had his Bible in front of him. He would read, worship and pray.

I miss him!

My Mom and Dad laugh at some old photos.
This makes me smile!

Dad loved his Grandchildren!
Here he is taking a nap with Jeremy,
my sister Jean's son.

Dad with Matthew,
son of my sister Rose.
Dad with his Dad, my Grandpa Witmer...
and his (our) sweet Mary.
His funeral service brochure cover.......

(pardon the top left scuff mark on the photo making his face look funny)

Our Dad was a wonderful man.
 I and all who had contact with him call ourselves


Anonymous said...

God bless you all as you remember him today, especially. Such sweet photos and memories you have shared.

Joanne said...

the photos are wonderful. we had great Dads for sure and yes we will never forget them, I miss mine and times mom and I talk about some of the things he did. And we are blessed to have christain fathers.


What a darling man ... I know you miss him.


Barb said...

The pictures bring back wonderful memories! thanks for sharing.

From the Kitchen said...

Sweet memories are treasures from those we have loved. Your father sounds like a very special person.


Theresa said...

Blessed indeed! What a sweet Daddy and I know how you feel, I miss mine SO much! Great family pictures, love the tractor one:) Precious memories are forever! Have a blessed evening, BIG HUGS coming your way!

Musicaljean said...

These pictures are GREAT!! I gotta steal the one of Dad and Jeremy! And I love seeing Mom laughing on that first pic! Three years ago at this time we were just realizing he was gone. What a heavenly experience that was!

Mary Ellen said...

Thanks for this nice post of tributes to Dad and Mother. The pictures are great. Seeing them tugs at my heart, we were blessed with good parents.