Saturday, June 23, 2012

Short Vacation

I just got back from a short vacation to my favorite place on earth

the beach!!!

 Christy was able to rearrange her work schedule to have Thursday and Friday off. We (Christy, Aidan, Zoe, Gina, Ellen, and me) took off to Wildwood Crest, NJ. Christy's brother just purchased a small 2 bedroom condo just steps from the beach. Talk about wonderful!

These are an essential part of travel...
just ask Christy =)

Yep, that's correct!

Packed and ready to roll!

We enjoyed 2 wonderful days enjoying the water, the sand, the warm breezes. 90 something feels better by the water!

I wanted a picture of Zoe in her cool pink sunglasses
but she was too quick for me!

Thursday night brought us pizza and ice cream at the boardwalk in Wildwood....

Finger lickin good!

That's Ellen in the pink skirt.
She loved watching the roller coaster.
She said she was anxious for our
Hershey Park day with the family.
She is one brave soul on those coasters!!

Before we knew it, it was time to pack up and leave.

But first, since we were all very hungry, we drove to Wildwood to find something to eat.
We thought this place looked interesting....

The Pink Cadillac Diner

The food was good and the portions more than generous.
Our waiter was very friendly..
he graciously wiped up our spilled chocolate milk
as we were leaving.

Aidan being silly!

It was raining and storming as we left. Later we drove in heavy rain, bright lightening and loud thunder. Thank God it was for only a short time. Crossing the Delaware Memorial bridge and all the exits and turns and lanes where you need to be is crazy. We almost did it correctly this time. Only missed one exit and it was easily corrected. We got home around 10:30.

Aidan and Zoe are with me today as I do the laundry and put things away. Christy works a long day  and Corey is working hard to see the completion of the move that Cutco Printing is making. His family will be happy to see him more again!

Wishing you all a great week-end!


Musicaljean said...

What fun! I haven't been to the beach for at least three years. That's awesome that Christy's brother owns a place there!!


Perfect ... after so much fun busyness at your house.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Doris, brought back memories of our native state, NJ, although we lived in a different beach area.Looks like it was a fun time, except for the ride home in the rainstorm.

Theresa said...

The beach!!! Love seeing all of your pictures;). Precious time spent with family, nothing sweeter;). I am enjoying a week with mine at the beach. Have a blessed day my friend. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful header photo! I haven't visited the beach in forever. Looks like so much fun and the food looks delicious!