Monday, June 25, 2012

Baseball, Family and a Monday

Yesterday was Ellen's last Challenger Baseball game for this season. Did that go fast, or what! Ellen had lots of family to cheer her on this Sunday.

Their coach always gives out awards on the last day.

Snacks before awards...
of course!!
Ellen eats cookies with her friends Nicole and Emily.

Coach Mike is ready to honor his special players.

Ellen receives the
Most Improved award!

Lance always provides lots of enthusiasm at the games.
Coach is waiting for a hand shake while Lance's Dad applauds.

Lance's parents own two local Rita's Ice shops.
They treated us with 4 different kinds of ice.
So refreshing!
So generous!

After the game everyone gathered here. I hadn't cleaned, I hadn't grocery shopped, I hadn't prepared a stitch of food. They came anyway! Later Corey and Christy offered to go to the grocery store. They needed dog food anyway....everyone wanted to be sure they wouldn't come home with just dog food! No worry, we feasted on grilled hot dogs and chicken with 2 kinds of sauces, salad, carrots and dip, grapes and ice cream bars. Yummy! oh, and they bought me a chicken because it was a good price and I make them dinner whenever I have the kids. Wasn't that nice! The chicken is in the crockpot for dinner. It smells soooo good!

*** Rinse a whole chicken. Put cut up onions and celery, salt and pepper and poultry seasoning into the cavity. Put the chicken in the need to add water. Turn on low and cook all day.

I loved doing this when I was working. Nothing like coming home to a yummy smelling house. I would make instant mashed potatoes and either use the drippings to make gravy or opened a can of gravy. Quick, easy and yummy too. Tonight I plan on making real mashed potatoes =)

As soon as I got to Aidan and Zoe's house this morning, my phone rang. It was Greta. She said that it was about time I was the first I heard it ring! She had cut her thumb, badly, this morning while cutting some cheese. She was ok (had to call on Lynn's Mom, who lives closer to her than we do, to help her out with bandages...they didn't have any!) She just wanted my opinion on whether or not she should go to work. Sue thought she shouldn't. I thought she shouldn't either. Christy told me of some products she had used for a cut she got once so Aidan, Zoe and I went to CVS to look for them. Aidan found some colorful bandages he thought Greta should have. Since they were assorted sizes and were on sale, we got them. He was excited to give them to her =) She will use them when it heals better. I told her she will have to be careful with her new knives. (mine are not the sharpest by any means!!) She had used them before happens.

So now I must get moving on putting this messy house back in order. The floors are sticky from many spills yesterday. Some family Sunday's are like that!

Have a great Monday!


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Doris, from vacation to baseball games, family get-togethers and then cleanup. You have had a busy week. We did bbq chicken yesterday nd leftovers will be used for a salad tonight. Yours in the crockpot sounded like a wonderful dinner tonight!

Theresa said...

Oh girl, that sounds SOOOO yummy! I love the pictures of the end of the Season awards! Way to go Ellen! You are the hangout... everyone loves to come to your house:) I can almost smell that chicken cooking! Have a blessed week dear friend, HUGS!

Anonymous said...

So sorry about Greta's thumb.

Congrats to Ellen on a good season! She and her friends look like they had lots of fun.

Your chicken and potatoes sounds like a very filling meal and I can just imagine how good the house smells! Love to you and yours this week.

Karen said...

I love the cute family photos!