Wednesday, June 27, 2012


We still have a land line.

Some days the phone never rings. Not once.

Yesterday it!!! Most of the calls were nothing. But of course, I had to stop what I was involved in to answer.

 Do I really need a call from the Newspaper to remind me of an event, which I'm not even remotely interested in, to be  held at the Lancaster Convention Center? Good grief.

Then I told the guy who called while I was busy preparing dinner to mail me info about getting my meds through the mail. He had offered it first, my head was too inclined towards meatloaf and a chocolate cake to think of it! Nope, that wasn't good enough, someone called this morning concerning the same thing!!

I know, I know, the caller doesn't know what I'm up to when they call. I shouldn't be so annoyed. I will try to be pleasant (as I tell the caller of my non-interest) even if it's a survey someone is taking or information about events, or a political call, or......

I AM enjoying this beautiful day! Sunny blue skies and gentle breezes. The heat and humidity is promised for the end of the week. Air conditioners will have to be turned on and windows closed. Enjoying it while it lasts =)


Anonymous said...

We get annoying calls too - especially when we sit down to eat! Take care and enjoy your day, Doris.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Doris, same here. No calls at all, and then annoying ones at the MOSt inconvenient times, dinner time especially. Heat wave is a-coming here too by Thursday afternoon and it's expected to get into the high 90s and heat indices will be 100 or more. We will definitely have the AC and ceiling fans going, but yesterday and today have been wonderful with the windows open a a great breeze coming through.

Annmarie Pipa said...

we keep thinking we should get rid of our land line..but still have 2 little kids who don't have cell phones, so I guess as long as they don't we'll keep the land line. google would not let me comment on blogs anymore until I gave them my cell phone #..guess they want to spy on me even more!

Musicaljean said...

Before we moved I decided that the only reason we still had a land line was so we could get those annoying calls. No one else called me at that number. So we never got one up here and I do not miss it.


I do miss having a land line ... I really hate cell phones.