Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Two special ladies......

Yesterday I attended the funeral of a special lady, Ruth Ressler.

From September through April, I spent 2 days a week with this couple. I knew them for many years. Their daughter was just a year younger than me and she married one of my cousins. When Marlene asked me if I would be interested in helping out by giving companionship and meeting needs for this couple, I did not hesitate to say yes!

Ruth's health was fast declining this spring. Their granddaughter (family who lives with the Ressler's) ended her part time job to give more care to her just as I was feeling like I needed to end my time with them. The upcoming wedding and trying to get this house ready to sell needed my undivided attention. It all worked out.

While spending time with Pap and Ruth, this is what I observed:
  • Ruth loved Pap. And Pap loved Ruth. Even though his memory is fading, he still would do many things for her. He would get down on his knees to help her with her stocking and shoes. He made sure she had a glass of water right by her chair. He brought her wheelchair when needed. He watered her plants....and she said Thank-you, always. As we looked through many anniversary cards from a past party the family gave them, many included words of thanks to Pap for being a great boss. Ruth beamed. She was so proud of her hubby!
  • Ruth loved her family. Really loved them. Her eyes would light up like a Christmas tree when ever one of her kids came. And she never thought they stayed long enough =) She loved her grandchildren and great grands too. The 2 little boys who live in their basement brought loads of joy to both Pap and Ruth! Same for the little dog....even though Ruth did not care for dogs.
  • Ruth loved the Lord. Really loved the Lord.
  • Ruth loved God's Word, the Bible. Early during my time with them I started a routine of reading from their Bible after the noon meal. I would always read a Psalm and a chapter from the New Testament. One chapter often went to 4 chapters as she wanted me to keep reading. This love was not  new for her later years in life. It was a result of many many years of reading and treasuring the Word of God.
God be near this family as they go on without their wife, Mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. Thank you for entrusting your parents well-being to my care. I truly appreciated the opportunity.

I must add that I admire this family so much. They have sacrificed much to honor their parents wishes to stay in their home. Many overnights, many meals, many hours of companionship, many hours taken off from work.....all because of the love they have for their parents. I often told Ruth how that dedication is testimony to their fantastic parenting. It is, indeed.

Another special lady, my step Mother, Mary.

Grandma Mary with Ellen

 As I was nearing the church, my home church as a child where the funeral was held, I thought I saw Mary walking to the entrance. Sure enough, I got right behind her in line to greet the family. This lady is special in so many ways. We all love her lots. She is also loved by sooooo many people....including the funeral director. She got a hug from that man.....yes she did! I thought to myself, 'Daddy, you did good in choosing a wife after our Mother left this world'. As the director lead us to sit with my brother and his wife, there were several people who indicated they would have loved for her to sit with them. I told Mary that she is so popular!!

Our happy couple returned home late Monday. Greta was here when I got home from the funeral. They had a great time. She showed me some photos of the resort.....beautiful!!!! She loaded her car with more of her things. They returned later in the evening and we heard more about Jamaica. Makes me want to book a trip =) But, alas, I have a house to.......maybe someday.

Wishing you a SPECIAL day filled with SPECIAL activities and SPECIAL people!


Anonymous said...

My sympathy in your loss. What an inspiration she and her husband were.

I love the photo of Ellen with her grandma. So sweet.

I'm happy that Greta has returned and that they enjoyed their honeymoon. Maybe she'll let you share a photo or two.

I'm praying that your forever house will come true soon.

Barb said...

I too have so many good memories of being at the Ressler's home. I'm so glad you were able to spend time with and assisst them for several months. That is such a sweet picture of Ellen and Grandma Mary. Yes, Mary is a special lady.
I'm praying too that your house needs will be met very soon.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Doris, what a bittersweet post that paid tribute to a lovely and lady and her loving husband and family.

Theresa said...

Oh what a sweet story about the life and love of Pap and Ruth. The best way to live our lives is to leave this world having made it a better place. Sounds like that is the way Ruth lived:)

Glad that the newlyweds made it home safely:). Sweet picture of Ellen and Grandma! Love it.

Have a blessed day my friend. Big hugs

Annmarie Pipa said...

I am sorry about your friend Ruth. thank you for your example of kindness to others by helping this couple! you are blessed too by being around such role models of living!
you can get some good deals in Jamaica!

Mary Ellen said...

When I think of Ruth, I think of the friendship Mother and she had. I remember the Ressler's visiting me in Virginia over the time Mother was so sick. It was so special that you could help with her and Morris' care.
My prayers are with you with you housing needs.

Grandma Mary said...

Thank you for the nice tribute you gave of Ruth and Morris We also had a great friendship with them.I was happy to see you, that I could go with you thru the receiving line @ the funeral.Buch's staff is always very friendly and compassionate to me,which I appreciate very much.As for me being a special lady as you quoted..that is a gift from God, that is not of my own strength..and that special bond of love between me and the Witmers..I never want that to end...but to get more precious as time goes on!Thank you Doris too are special!
Love , Mary

Musicaljean said...

Well, talk about warm fuzzies! That's what I have after reading this post and all the comments. I remember Ruth doing all that stitch work (can't think what it's called) on our gold trio dresses. I think it took many hours and she did it for free because she was Mom's friend.