Monday, June 4, 2012

Another Blessings Post

Can't help it, I have lots of Blessings in my life! I'm sure you do too. It's good to name them one by one at times........

  • A little sweetie named Brinley -
She is the sweetest little Peanut!
She rolls everywhere.
She is teething but so far no pearly whites have made an appearance.

  •  A Big sister named Paityn -

On Saturday Gina and I babysat Brinly and Paityn
while Marcy and Scott attended a wedding.
Paityn and I made a pan of yummy
chocolate chunk brownies.
 She is a very good little baker!

She wore the apron that we gave her for Christmas -
Cutest Little Cookie =)

I don't babysit these Littles very often. We had a great time!

  • Birthday Parties!
Aidan will be 4 on Thursday but his party was on Sunday.
Inside this gift were some Spiderman books and other things to go with his....

....Spiderman Bed!

Aidan gives his Uncle Ralph a hug....
it had been his cousin Gavin's bed.
Gavin outgrew it and Ralph and Katie passed it on to Aidan.
Aidan and Gavin
 (and a few adults in the Scott/Fahnestock families)
love Spiderman!

A soccer ball....

...a Soccer goal!

A cool workbench!

Looks like Aidan will not be bored for a long time!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you....
Let's eat cake and ice cream!

Cool Zoe!

Gina gets Brinley asleep....again!

Oops, I almost forgot this gift....

Cymbals from Amber!
She thought it was time to get our little man
ready for marching band.
She and her sister Nicki and Corey and Christy
were all in HS marching band .....
What happens with a little boy and a pair of cymbals?
Be prepared......hold those ears!

It was a wonderful day. A blessed day!

  •  Sometimes blessings come in the form of a thing...a small appliance -

Oh yeah....a Keurig!!!!!!!
Brewing me a cup of Jamaican Me Crazy...
can you smell it?

Wishing you a very Blessed day. I hope you don't have to look too hard for your blessings....they are there...may as well start naming them one by one!


Musicaljean said...

I'll be right over for a cup of that coffee - I wish!

Doris said...

Jeanie....I wish too!

Maple Lane said...

Sweet, sweet photos, Doris. Always fun to see your littles having fun. That coffee sounds delicious - enjoy!

marcy said...

Thank you for watching them. I know they enjoyed having Nana and Aunt Gina watch them. I'm sorry Brinley was a "little stinker" about taking a bottle.

Theresa said...

Oh you know I love me some little ones HAVING fun and being cute:) Love seeing all of those SWEET faces! Aidan sure looks like he LOVED his gifts! Brinley and Paityn enjoyed their time with you, how do I know... just look at those smiles:) Have a blessed evening dear Doris! We know a blessing when we see one! HUGS!

Joanne said...

grandchildren are blessings for sure. I think God made them even cutier for us to enjoy.

Granny said...

Oh how sweet & adorable!!! Yes, these little ones are blessings from above ... And the upcoming wedding ... ahhhh, God is good.

Lots of smiles for you & your family :)

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Doris, enjoyed sharing in the birthday celebration. Our grandson Bobby is also a Spiderman fan with wall decorations in his bedroom, but not a cool bed like Aiden received (recycling is great). We will be visiting the recent newlyweds in Mannheim in mid-July (13-16) and sure hope we get to connect again. We have a few B&Bs in mind this time (it's Grenville's birthday weekend) and might stay in one as a treat to ourselves.