Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ellen goes to the Prom!

Our pretty Ellen is all dressed up and ready for some fun!

Oh, Mom, really??
You have to take a pic of the back of the dress???

Such a beautiful girl -
my baby!

So pretty!
So happy I asked them to use this flower,
so happy they only used one flower.
The lady who got it for me said everyone was exclaiming
about how pretty this corsage was.
Even the girl at the check out fussed over it =)

We arrived early to Bent Creek Country Club.
They take pictures when the kids arrive.
Ellen got her picture as she left.
What a neat memento!

Ellen with her good friend, Ashley.
These two love to dance!

They are so cute!

Playing with the cameras on the table...

Smile, Mom!

Just kidding!

Parents are only allowed to stay till 6:30. Then it's time to go and let our special kids have fun without us! I remember the first time I left her....I felt some concern to let my girl (my 6th grader) have this big girl experience even though I knew she was in good hands. Teachers attend with the kids, it's a very safe environment.

Dale and I always go for something to eat while Ellen is at the prom. This year Gina, Corey, Aidan and Zoe joined us. We decided on eating at Chili's. What fun, what awesome food! I had a Caribbean salad. There was fresh pineapple, mandarin oranges and dried cherries on the salad. Was so good! Of course we shared a big bowl of chips and salsa too.

From there we headed back to Bent Creek. We were too early so we relaxed in the car and listened to the rain. Gina was sitting behind me. She said, Mom, there's a spider..." I went nuts wondering where!! She said on the window...I thought she meant the window on the back door....but no, it was right by my face! I popped open the car door where the spider was not happy in the rain and was swinging by it's web. Oh my! I took off my shoe and got that thing good =)

It was time to go inside and see the kids dance their last dances. It's so much fun to watch. They have such a great time!

There she is, dancing up a storm!
I was having trouble getting good pictures
because of the lighting and the moving =)

During the last dance
Ellen saw this kid on the sidelines and
went over to dance with him.
Sooooo sweet!!

We took a tired girl home with us. She dances every dance...there is no sitting for this gal!


From the Kitchen said...

Ellen is lovely in her sweet dress--a dress beautifully appropriate for a young girl. So glad she had such a good time.


Musicaljean said...


Anonymous said...

Ellen looks beautiful! Love the dress, shoes, corsage, and her 2012 keepsake photo. Looks like she enjoyed herself and made sure that "every" one else did, too! A very sweet and lovely young lady.

Doris, that salad you described sounds delicious!

Theresa said...

Sweet and beautiful. I know she had the BEST time, just look at her smile:). Precious night to remember. Enjoy your evening, hugs!!!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Doris, glad that Ellen had a wonderful time at her prom. Her dress and that corsage were both lovely. Also,the Mothers Day tea in a previous post was delightful. Such great fun things going on in your family!

Laura said...

That is so great!!! Ellen looked fantastic :)

Mary Ellen said...

I'm so happy for Ellen to have these special times. And it is great she loves to dance. She is a beautiful girl!


What a beautiful night for Ellen.

Just returned from 10 days in Seattle. Trying to catch up.

Annmarie Pipa said...

beautfiful! and her smile is contagious!
I live in Harrisburg!