Monday, May 7, 2012

Baseball, Family and a Rainy Monday

Lancaster's Challenger Baseball had their opening ceremonies yesterday in Strasburg. There's a nice article about it in this mornings newspaper! Ellen had a great time as she always does. Her coach is also the head person for the league. So, when he introduces the teams, he always does his team last....and so as not to disappoint them he acted like he forgot! The kids get a big kick out of it every time! Sorry, no pictures. My camera was recharging at home.

We came home and waited for our kids to arrive. Kim and Andrew were first. I made turkey BBQ and Dale grilled hot dogs. Greta and Lynn brought the rolls and potato chips. Marcy and Scott brought salsa and chips, cookies, and ice cream . We had a meal! Corey was at work and Christy didn't have a car....hers is not working. I offered to go get them but she decided they would just stay home. As usual, we had a great time talking and laughing.

 Now it's Monday....a cloudy, gray day. And cool!  We get one day or so of warm, then it's cool again. I went to get Aidan and Zoe. Christy got a ride to work with her Mom. The kids played awhile then it was time to get dressed and head to Nana's house. Nana had lots to do! Aidan was happy to have Gina and Greta here today too. He wants to help Greta make the flower name cards she's working on for the wedding reception. He's a helper...but this was one job that he wouldn't be able to do. So, I told him to talk to Greta while she works. He's doing a great job at that =)

Since I didn't take any pictures this week-end, I went on a search of some that I never posted.......

This was taken in May 2007
My sisters Betty (Elizabeth) and Mary Ellen and me
at a restaurant in Idaho.
Mary Ellen is holding our great-nephew, Corbin Peifer.
We were all in Idaho for the wedding of our niece Jill Brubaker.
That trip was so fun!

Ellen all dressed up for her very first IU Prom!
May 2007

That's me with my sister Barb and sister Jean....taken in 2007
The three of us have sung together for many years.
My Dad always wanted us to sing when the family was together.
We still sing when we get together even though Dad is no longer with us.
Barb has lived in Idaho for many years so our times together are precious!

It's fun to look back, isn't it? I'll post more sometime. But, it's soon time to start dinner. Since it's so chilly today, I think I'll make corn chowder.

Wishing you all a wonderful Monday....rainy days and Monday's can be wonderful!


Anonymous said...

Fun to see the family photos today. It is rainy here today but 84. We are thankful that we don't have to water the new grass!
I'm preparing supper also. Hope you guys have a nice evening, Doris.

Theresa said...

SWEET pictures and YES, I love looking back! We love the same things:) I enjoy my family SO much and so do you! Grandkids, Sisters and ALL of the family make the days SO special! Enjoy your evening and some YUMMY corn chowder! HUGS!

Musicaljean said...

I remember how I could hardly stand it to miss that trip to Idaho. I probably will never get there.

Looks like we were actually singing on that picture, instead of laughing!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Doris, that corn chowder sounded perfect for a rainy day, which we will be getting on Wed.

Mary Ellen said...

I enjoyed reminiscing with you on these pictures and the events they represent.

Annmarie Pipa said...

fun pictures to look at...every one!

Pamela said...

So good to look back and see the goodness of our God in each photograph. Turkey bar-b-que sounds wonderful--even at 11:00 at night!