Thursday, May 10, 2012

Getting it done....

Slowly but surely we are knocking some things off our list for the wedding on June 9.

Yesterday we found necklaces for the bridesmaids.
Greta will order a headband, for her, online.
The flower girl dresses are ordered and on their way.
We had a fitting for our dresses last night. All is well there.
I bought jewelery for me to wear but I'm still looking.

We will get there!
But, busy we will continue to be =)

Break over, time to get back to the laundry and ironing.............such exciting stuff!

The flower girl dresses just came...they are sooooo cute!!


Anonymous said...

So happy things are getting checked off your list. Don't work too hard today. We have bright sunshine for the first time in days!!!


What a wonderful reason to be busy.

Theresa said...

Oh how exciting! I LOVE Weddings:) Enjoy and take pictures along the way! HUGS!