Thursday, March 15, 2012

Some Purchases for the Kitchen

Saturday was a day to add some finishing touches in the kitchen. I found some simple Roman shades at Christmas Tree Shops earlier in the week, wall decor at Home Goods, and the rest of the cabinet pulls at Lowe's.

The $9.99 shades ~

Had a hard time getting a good pic
in daylight

Not sure if I'm pleased with the
nite time pic either!

Tried another window...
maybe that's better!

Found this at Home Goods

Need to find something for this wall.

Pulls are on!
Too much stuff on the counters,
but it's all used regularly
so I let it there.
(will work at a more pleasing arrangement!)

We had another beautiful day. It feels too good to be true and I suspect it may not be here to stay. I noticed some leaf buds on my lilac bushes. While I'm ready for that, it does cause some concern. It's just too soon. I want lilacs this year! They are sensitive to cold and it could get really cold yet this month. Keeping my fingers crossed!

I had an errand to attend to today. To the DMV I went for some picture taking....yippee, not! Oh well, it needed to be done. I like to be legal!

Aidan and Zoe were my companions this afternoon. I made spaghetti with garlic bread for dinner. That's one of Ellen's favorite meals.

I'm looking forward to a fun week-end. My sister Mary Ellen and I are heading to State College on Saturday for a Sister time at Jeanie's (another sister) home. Will head home again Sunday afternoon. Fun is what it will be! Work, work, work till I get there, though! It will be worth it.

Have a great week-end, my friends!


Anonymous said...

Hi Doris, I love your shades; I also love a good deal! The cabinets are so pretty and the pulls are just right. Wonder if a cute calendar would fit in the spot on the wall??

I'm with Ellen, spaghetti and bread sound delicious.

Hope you guys enjoy the weekend!!!

Theresa said...

Love the shade, day and night:) Things are really coming together in your kitchen! My counter is user friendly too:) Have a blessed day and a fun weekend! HUGS!

Musicaljean said...

Maybe you'll find something for that wall up here at one of my bargain places.

Can't wait!!! But like you, I gotta get a whole lot done today!

momto8 said...

well hope you enjoy your weekend!!
and Happy Saint Pattys Day!