Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Marcy had a Birthday!

Yes, I am way behind in blogging .....and many other things too!

Marcy had a birthday on Sunday. I wanted to do a post that day but didn't have a chance nor was I able to do one on Saturday or yesterday. I guess it's better late than never! Soooo.....

Happy Birthday, Marcy! Enjoy some pictures of our beautiful daughter as she was growing up.

3 months old

Marcy and Kim
Not sure of the year
but I know it was Easter Sunday.
I made their coats and dresses.

Marcy and cousin Jeremy
figuring out a Christmas gift!

Marcy was a beautiful bride!

Our family with the new Mr. and Mrs.

We enjoyed a burger lunch at Five Guys then we all ended up here for the rest of Marcy's birthday. Scott and Lynn made a grocery store run and came home with a Choc. Chip Birthday Cookie for Marcy. I didn't get a picture of it but it was yummy! We had a great time.

Today we celebrate again. It happens to be my day! Maybe we will go out to dinner. If not today, another day will do.

Have a great day, my friends!


Musicaljean said...

Marcy was a stunning bride!

I was trying to figure out whose house we were at in that picture of Marcy and Jeremy. Do you know?

And now, for the third time and place today - Happy Birthday!!

Doris said...

Jeanie, I think it was at our house....our big living room that was!

Maple Lane said...

Happy Birthday dear Doris!

Belated wishes to Marcy, also. She is beautiful and that it is the prettiest bridal bouquet ever!

Enjoy every minute of your special day. Love you,

Theresa said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you all enjoy whatever you do to celebrate! Marcy is a beautiful girl, as a little girl and all grown up as a bride!

Have a blessed day dear Doris, HUGS!

marcy said...

Thank you, Mom! Hope you are having a relaxing day and enjoying the warm weather. Happy Birthday!

Mary Ellen said...

Happy Birthday Doris! God sent you good weather to add to your special day!!

Joanne said...

what wonderful memories and pictures. Happy Birthday doris


You made their coats and dresses ... wow!

Happy birthday to an adorable daughter.

And when you say, "it is my day," do you mean it is your birthday. If so, I hope you are celebrated well.

You are a blessing, Doris.


momto8 said...

what a beautiful bride!!