Friday, March 9, 2012

Pretty Box, Neat Stuff!!

So I went to the mailbox this morning. Opened it.  There, inside, was this.....

A Box....
A Pretty Box....
from Theresa...theycallmeganky!

She knows how to wrap a box for mailing.
Why waste a brown box with plain old packing tape?
Isn't the pink zebra print so neat?

Let the fun begin!

A book and a bookmark!

A neat tote that folds up into a tiny roll
held with a snap.
So cool and useful!

So how did she know
I needed one of these?

As I was unpacking
I kept smelling something yummy...

And there's more......

A card making kit,
a candle and
a sweet card!

A closer look at the card from Theresa

What fun!
Each item was wrapped in pretty paper
and tied with ribbon.

So what did I do after I unwrapped them all?
I started reading the book,
used the bookmark to mark the page where I stopped,
put the tote in my purse,
lit the candle!

Thank-you, sweet Theresa, for the lovely gifts!


Musicaljean said...

Now that was worth winning!!!

Theresa said...

Yeah!!!! I am happy that it made it! I am reading that same book:) Hope you enjoy all of your goodies! Big hugs and much love!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful gift and from such a special lady! Looks like you'll have a nice weekend enjoying your goodies.


Such fun.


Mary Ellen said...

What a nice surprise! Happy for you.

momto8 said...

good for you!! bet that makes for a happy trip to the mailbox!! Enjoy!